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Frederick, MD, February 2009– Wright Manufacturing, Inc. scores big according to a recent article written by David Yochum in Lawn & Landscape magazine’s February 2009 issue. Yochum interviewed Brian Ulsh, owner and CEO of Lawn Barber about his continued enthusiasm for Wright Commercial Products. Ulsh is quoted, “Since I started using Wright stand-ons, we have phased out every other brand in our fleet. We now have a total of three 36-inch Standers, four Rapid Hite Standers, three 52-inch Sentars, one 52-inch Sentar Sport and two Stander ZK’s.” A good sign that Wright must be doing something right.

Ulsh, owner and operator of a full service maintenance company in Hampton, Virginia maintains that Wright products fit his company’s overall needs which will ultimately enable Lawn Barber to double its 2007 revenue. Compact machines, superior engineering, and top-notch customer service all play an important role for this business owner. Ulsh states that ordinarily he phases out mowers after four or five years but his original Stander, now six years old, is still running strong. “The original Stander is pretty good,” Ulsh admits. “If I had to rate it on a scale from 1 to 10, I’d give it a 7. But they’ve made huge improvements from

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the original Stander to the (Stander) ZK. Now, with the way they have the suspension set on a spring-loaded system, I’d give it a 10.”

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