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Flooding-imageAs Hurricane Isaac made its

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way through the Gulf, business and residents had to rely on their prior-precautions when it came to securing their home and lawn.

However, no matter how prepared you are, there is always a level of home and yard recovery after a natural disaster. In anticipating your customer’s geography, Wright Mowers is committed to providing the equipment for individuals and business to recover from natural disasters quickly. The most common types of natural disasters to affect those in North America are water disasters, wind disasters, fire disasters, and snow.

With all disasters, it’s important to survey the damage thoroughly. Instead of planting over destroyed parts of the land, it’s more important to scrap grass and start fresh. Using a quality, riding mower, like the Sport RH, allows your customers to quickly mow through their lawns.

Flooding the most common nemesis to home and lawn areas. There is no guarantee, but LSU’s Agriculture Research Center provides the following step-by-step plan to recovering small-engine, lawn-care equipment if your machine sustains water damage (view article here for in-depth instructions):


  1. Wash off any mud/trash, and then get your small engine dried out as soon as possible.
  2. Empty the gasoline tank and dispose of the diluted gasoline at a recycling station.
  3. Drain the crankcase until no water comes out with the oil.
  4. Remove the spark plug and drain out any water in the cylinder.
  5. Replace the air filter, remove any water in the carburetor.
  6. Check the transmission case for water and drain.
  7. Add oil and gasoline, and try to start it.

Wright Commercial Mowers produces a variety of mowers for various landscapes. In the event of a natural disaster, your customers will look for a reliable machine during an uncertain time. Providing them with a Sport RH will allow them to quickly and effortlessly mow through their lawns in search for anything salvageable. Contact us today to schedule a free test drive, or to learn more about our diverse line of mowers.

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