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Creative-Uses-For-LeavesThe season

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of brisk air, raging tailgates and beautiful foliage is upon us. It’s time to hang up our bathing suits and dig out our jackets because the changing leaves are creeping into our weather maps as well as our yards. And while raking up those leaves every week and then jumping in them (yes, adults do it too), sometimes there are more creative and productive things to do with those endless bags of leaves.

  1. Use leaves as mulch or compost. Mulch is a great way to prevent weeds from growing in your garden during the fall and winter months. In the same vein, fall leaves is a great ingredient to homemade compost, which can fertilize and enrich your soil for months (maybe years) to come. How can you break down your leaves for mulch or compost? That’s easy, have your kids (or you) jump in it. When you’re done, what should be left is a pile of broken down foliage ready for its next use.wright-commercial-mowers-Parts-Creative-Uses-For-Leaves
  2. Play arts and crafts. Leaves can be your child’s next art project. Grab some glue and make a collage or even a wreath for the front door. Make cement lawn ornaments using a leaf as a mold and viola, you’ve got stepping stone for your garden. These ideas are both a creative and fun way to spend time with the family while still ensuring the yard is clean and leaf free.
  3. Decorate for the season. What better decorating tool for the fall than leaves! Pile up the leaves in a fun Halloween bag that resembles a jack-o-lantern. Grab some leaves and put them in a nice vase to add to the table during Thanksgiving dinner.

The piles and piles of leaves don’t have to be pesky litter all over the lawn. They’re useful in so many ways and can be used for play and for work. Use them in fun and creative ways for both you and your family and you’ll find yourself not dreading the awful chore of raking them up.

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