Sep 262012

footbalIf fall is synonymous with one thing, it is football.

As the weather cools, the weekends become devoted to two end-zones and four quarters. We cheer our kids’ teams on Friday nights, Saturdays are spent in honor of collegiate memories, and on Sundays we root for the home team. The autumnal pastime takes place each week on 100 yards of precisely grown, cut and nurtured grass.

The turf on an American football field is a year-round, full-time commitment for stadium maintenance employees. The grass must be cultured throughout the year and maintained weekly. Professional and collegiate stadiums are even regulated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Environmental Protection Agency, to ensure best practices are being used on the field.

A football field generally takes 2-12 months to establish its grass. Northern states tend to use Kentucky Bluegrass for its fields, which is considered the best grass for football since it seems to soften the players’ falls. However, grass choice depends on the stadium’s climate, and Southern states must stick with bermudagrass, which is tough but can be mowed short to allow for faster athlete speeds.

football gamePrepping the field for an initial game day takes at least one full day. Not only must the field workers measure, string, and mix paint, but every line must be absolutely straight. Throughout the season, though, touch-ups will suffice unless something out of the ordinary happens. Standard grass length is 2” and generally must be cut once a week. In order to produce best results for the athletes, football fields should be dried out before a game and heavily watered after each game. The irrigation system relies heavily on city power and water schedules, and works in tandem with preventative fertilization measures.

Wright Commercial Mowers produces a variety of mowers for various landscapes. For customers managing athletic stadiums, consider providing them with a Stander X mower, a standing mower that is an industry leader for durability and maneuverability. Contact us today to schedule a free test drive, or to learn more about our diverse line of mowers.

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