Nov 272012

Those of us who enjoy yard work may recognize the various components of a lawn such as grass, plants, soil, mulch, and even types of insects, but beyond our landscaping eye is a complex and intricate world.


Our lawn’s ecosystem consists of a sophisticated, diverse assortment of factors, delicately woven together to create a harmonious whole. The lawn ecosystem contains many elements (including plants, animals, water, soil, and even air) and is determined by how these elements interact.

Maintaining a healthy lawn ecosystem is the goal of many a landscaper who seeks to identify if their yard qualifies. In a healthy ecosystem, we will see life and growth which may include insects one might see as undesirable.

While it may seem counter-intuitive, don’t assume your neighbor’s perfectly uniform, pristine, carpet-like lawn is more healthy than your own, whose minimum of weeds and occasional disarray may actually indicate health.

And while we can certainly credit ourselves for our lawn’s health to a degree, a well rounded, healthy ecosystem will benefit itself, interacting symbiotically with mutual benefits for plants, animals and insects.

One area in which we can take all the credit is by keeping grass trimmed and attractive.

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