Sep 142012

At Wright Commercial Mowers, we take extra measures to ensure our machines are built with the quality and craftsmanship that our customers have come to expect. This company-wide philosophy is seen through to every item we purchase for our mowers, from the Stander X to the Sport RH. We select only top-tier manufacturers for our parts, and we’re confident in our relationship with Carlisle Tire […]

Sep 122012

The sport of golf and the grass surface it is played upon are in several ways inseparable. Whereas several sports were created to be played in certain fields or indoor spaces, much of golf is based on the uniqueness of the outdoor space where it is played. The playing surfaces for soccer and baseball are remarkably similar from one country or hemisphere to the next. […]

Sep 102012

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Jun 272012

Today we’re comparing two similar mowers: The Wright Stander ZK and the Scag V-Ride. Let’s start with the Wright Stander ZK. The Wright Stander ZK is a powerful standing mower with 27 (J1940) to 31 (J1940) horsepower engines and deck heights of 52 and 61 inches. It has top speeds of 13.5 mph and a large 17.5-gallon fuel tank. Operators of the Stander ZK have […]

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