Jan 282013

Top of its class in terms of speed, fuel capacity and power, the Wright Z mid-mount mower has an excellent reputation among landscape professionals.

With a 13-mph forward speed, the popular mid-mount offers one of the highest mph of comparable mowers. Its reverse speed of 7 mph is nearly twice that of competitors; its 15-gallon fuel tank is one of the largest of competing mowers; and it offers the highest cut-height in its class (5.5”). Combined with a 31-horsepower engine and zero-radius turn capabilities, it’s easy to see that the Wright Z’s reputation is well deserved.

While it’s considered a heavyweight in terms of speed and power, the Wright Z weighs up to 300 pounds less than competing mowers of the same deck-width. Less weight benefits the quality of the cut–creating less rut damage on turf.


wright z

48” Wright Z

  • Engine: Kawasaki FX801
  • Length: 78″ (with deflector up: 49”)
  • Weight: 940 lbs
  • Speed: 13 mph
  • Cut height: 1.5” – 5.5”
  • Fuel capacity: 15 gallons

52” Wright Z

61” Wright Z

  • Engine: Kawasaki FX850
  • Length: 78″ (with deflector up: 62”)
  • Weight: 985 lbs
  • Speed: 13 mph
  • Cut height: 1.5” – 5.5”
  • Fuel capacity: 15 gallons

For a free demonstration of the Wright Z, contact Wright Manufacturing today at (855) 421-3785.

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