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What do we think of when we think of soccer? David Beckham? Mia Hamm? Bermuda grass and Kentucky Bluegrass? Wait….how are these grass varieties associated with two of the most popular soccer players of the past several years? Easy: Bermuda and Kentucky Bluegrass are two of the most popular grasses used for soccer fields.

Beckham and Hamm may make the game look effortless with their smooth movements, but an untold number of practice hours have equipped them for success. Similarly, those smooth, uniform fields may look like their only requirement is mowing, but a great deal of work goes into maintaining that pristine look.

Due to almost constant contact with the ball, turf quality of soccer fields is more crucial than with most other sports. The first consideration that comes into play in preparing a field for a match begins when the field is constructed. While a variety of grasses are used in varying climates, the most popular grasses used for soccer fields are Bermuda and Kentucky Bluegrass.

The most obvious requirement for turf maintenance is mowing. Proper grass height can affect ball movement on the field, and though soccer doesn’t require a regulation height, turf is generally kept to one to two inches. To prevent browning of turf, it’s best to cut before it grows beyond a third of its length.

Other less obvious considerations include regular weeding of turf, which can be a time-consuming process, as use of weed killer is discouraged due to the high volume of human contact with the turf. Planning for drainage to prevent water pooling on a field and regular aerating are also a regular part of maintenance.

Aesthetics of the turf accommodates spectators, whose numbers can be tremendous. Some of the largest fields used for soccer are found in surprising places. The arguably most famous soccer stadium is Wembley Stadium in London. While the stadium holds 90,000, it isn’t by far the largest stadium. That designation goes to the Rungrado May Day Stadium in Pyongyang, North Korea.

Nearly twice the size of Wembley, the North Korean multi-purpose stadium holds 150,000 spectators. Other stadiums larger than Wembley include stadiums in Johannesburg, South Africa; Barcelona, Spain; Tehran, Iran; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Mexico City, Mexico; and Kolkata, India.

Though their lawns may not be seen by thousands of people, homeowners also desire to achieve an aesthetically pleasing lawn for their own enjoyment and that of their neighbors. A quality mower plays a large part in this process and Wright Manufacturing has a variety of mowers for any lawn. For more information or to schedule a free demonstration, contact us toll free at (855) 421-3785.

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