Artie D’Ambra


Riding the Stander to Success

Sometimes it’s love at first sight. Such was the case with Artie D’Ambra, owner of Major League Power Equipment in Setauket, New York. When the Wright Stander was introduced in 1996, Artie knew it was more than just another mower—it was the ticket to growing his fledgling business.

“I’ve been selling the Wright Stander on Long Island ever since it first came out,” said D’Ambra. “In fact, I was the first dealer on Long Island to offer it. Once customers saw how its small footprint and speed could help them be more productive right away, they had to have it.”

A 48” Stander was D’Ambra’s first Wright sale and, as they say, the rest is history. As awareness of Wright’s stand-on design steadily grew around the country, so did Major League’s sales of Standers. Today, D’Ambra is one of Wright’s top-selling dealerships in the Northeast. He now offers the full lineup of Wright mowers, spanning 15 different models. And demand for the Wright Stander continues to climb at Major League, with sales more than doubling over the last three years.

"Wright has always been our number one product, and we stand behind it"

In addition to the stand-on design, D’Ambra has been impressed with Wright’s durability. “Believe it or not, the first Stander I sold is actually still running today,” he said. “I used to turn a wrench myself, so I appreciate the bullet-proof quality of Wright and the fact that their products are turnkey.”

Major League’s best-selling Wright mower is the 36” Rapid Height model. “I like to couple the 36” and the 52” because together they share the same blades and give my customers all they need to handle pretty much any job. The 36” is great for backyards and smaller areas where maneuverability is important, and the 52” works well on front yards and wide-open spaces.”

Other benefits of D’Ambra’s long-running relationship with Wright has been the Seasonal Buying Program and Wright’s advanced manufacturing processes. “I got on board with the Seasonal Buying Program about 10 years ago,” he said. “It’s been a big draw for customers.

“And even though we stock every single part of each Wright we sell, we know that in the event we’re out of a part that a customer needs right away, we can get that part manufactured, painted and shipped to us within 24 hours. Our Wright customers know that their equipment will never be in the shop for long—we can get them back on the job soon making money.”

D’Ambra adds, “Overall it’s been a great experience to grow along with Wright. Bill Wright is a genius, and he knows what direction the industry and dealers need to go. Wright has always been our number one product, and we stand behind it.”

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