Jesse James Middleton


Productivity Isn’t Everything—It’s the Only Thing

When one of your regular jobs is handling lawn maintenance for a military installation, you make sure you do it right. And when just one of the buildings on that property covers 10-plus acres, you need to also make sure you’re doing it as efficiently as possible.

"To us, simpler is better. And Wright mowers have simple, well-built systems that enables them to be maintained more easily and to run longer.”Jesse James Middleton, owner of Bluewater Bay Lawn Care in Niceville, Florida, and several Wright mowers, counts nearby Eglin Air Force Base as one of his most valued clients. While his landscaping company serves a wide array of commercial and residential customers, projects on the scale of Eglin present special challenges.

He said, “We normally cut a lot of Byhalia grass, which is tough to cut. And we normally cut Byhalia at about 5 mph. We recently did a comparison of several mid-mount mowers, including the Wright ZTO, and we found that the ZTO could cut Byhalia at 6 mph. That may not sound like much, but when you’re cutting 10 acres at Eglin, that makes a huge difference in productivity and time savings.”

In addition, Eglin has highly sloped and tight areas that would normally require line trimmers. However, Middleton found that a 32” Wright Stander provided the small footprint and agility that could handle such conditions. “Because your weight is right between the tires, exactly where you need the traction, the mower doesn’t slide out from under you. And when you come up out of a bowl area, the Wright doesn’t bobble, which can really mess up your cut. So we actually use our Wright Stander as a substitute for a line trimmer; we just quickly follow up with a trimmer for clean-up and there’s nothing to it.”

Middleton adds, “Using a stander mower instead of a line trimmer is also more fun. I’d rather ride the equipment than have to carry something that’s slinging clippings back at you!”

Another aspect of Wright mowers that further enhances productivity for Middleton is the interchangeability of parts from one model to another. He said, “Both our 48” ZTO and 32” Stander use 16.5” blades. That’s important because we have to change blades at regular intervals in order to have the cut look as good as possible. Having the same size blade for both models makes things simpler.”

“To us, simpler is better. And Wright mowers have simple, well-built systems that enables them to be maintained more easily and to run longer.”

It should come as no surprise that in 2013, Bluewater Bay Lawn Care will be converting its whole fleet to Wright mowers exclusively. Middleton said, “We use technology to track everything so I know exactly how our assets are being utilized on each and every job. And Wright mowers have enabled us to increase our productivity by 27%.”

“When you go out on a project, you have to be mindful of everything you bring—people, equipment, truck, trailer, mowers, etc. You have to be as productive as you can while minimizing your financial footprint. Overall, Wright mowers are a very good product for what we do.”

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