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Jeff Brockman’s parents started Taylor Rental in Ft. Wayne, IN, back in 1972. Now, their thriving business is two separate businesses with his parents handling the party rental business and Jeff running the equipment rental and retail side.Jeff B - Taylor Rental

Jeff took on the Wright line of mowers in 2002 when two of his customers were unhappy with the dealer that serviced their Wright mowers. Jeff looked into the Wright brand and liked what he saw and he had been wanting to expand his line into standers. He chose Wright because he liked the compact footprint, maneuverability and productivity of the Wright mowers.Jeff B - Taylor Rental quote 1

Jeff has expanded his business to have two locations, one in Ft. Wayne and the other in New Haven. While it can sometimes be a challenge to manage two locations, Jeff credits his hard-working employees at both locations and their expertise in all their product lines. His customers enjoy his two locations because it gives them the flexibility of choosing which location to go to for their service, rental and retail needs.

“I took on the equipment rental and retail side because I am very passionate about equipment. I am very familiar with it and I enjoy doing it. Plus, it’s a great way to expand our base,” explains Jeff. “Having rental and equipment sales components is huge. We serve a lot of landscape contractors as well as homeowners. When you have a lot of landscapers coming in every week and seeing that you maintain the equipment with a service department and a parts department, that really shows them that you are committed to serving their needs.” Jeff’s clients are about 95% commercial and 5% residential.

Jeff carries the complete line of Wright mowers with the Stander X 52” deck being the most popular model on the medium-sized yards that are prevalent in his area of the country.

“I love the AERO CORE deck, love it. I also really like the cut and discharge of the Wright mowers,” Jeff said. “Our customers love the balance of the machine, the quality of the cut and the craftsmanship of the machine.”

Carrying the Wright line has had a “big impact on sales. We’ve been able to grow the line each and every year. Even with competition and other manufacturers making stand-on mowers, it hasn’t slowed our sales at all. In fact, we’ve increased our sales quite a bit each year,” states Jeff. Jeff’s successful marketing efforts include their direct mail campaigns, and the internet search engine optimization (SEO) campaign that they do with Wright.

Jeff credits his company’s success to “honesty with our customers, researching the competition thoroughly, and being able to explain to the customer the difference between Wright and all other brands.”Jeff B - Taylor Rental quote 2

“When we sell these products, I truly think about the employees at Wright and the people that make the machines. I really appreciate Wright’s hard work to put these mowers together. It’s an American job and we like selling a good quality product that is made here in America,” Jeff summarized.

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