Jun 122016

Keeping your Wright mower in top condition is key to making it last a long time and reducing costly down time. We receive mower parts requests frequently. Some of these parts come from various manufacturers such as Kohler, Kawasaki, and Briggs. The best way to get the latest PNs from those companies is to visit your local dealer or visit their websites. However, last we […]

Jun 092016

If your mower serial tag is missing, scratched, peeling away, or altogether unrecognizable, don’t worry. Not having your mower model information can present challenges when finding out the year your Wright Stander was made or when ordering new mower parts, but we can help. Though the tag may have worn off, there are still ways to figure out your mower’s model information and solutions for […]

May 252016

Finding the value of your Wright commercial mower can be difficult, but with a little research and a few pointers, you can make an informed estimate. It’s important to realize that interested buyers are the ones who ultimately determine mower value. So when making an asking price, it’s good to put yourself into the shoes of a prospective buyer. The condition of the mower will […]

May 182016

What does mowing control really mean when you have to live with a machine everyday? There are dozens of hidden design characteristics that add up to a high performing commercial mowing machine, but for landscapers, mowing control means having the confidence in yourself and in your mower to get the job done with a polish of excellence. So how does the Stander Intensity give you […]

Apr 062016

Perhaps you’ve enjoyed many long, hard hours on your mower and it’s finally time to replace the engine. Or perhaps something unfortunate happened to your mower’s engine that caused it to be damaged beyond repair. It’s actually not unusual to replace or rebuild the engine several times in the entire life of the mower, since we aim to make its core so durable as to […]

Mar 302016

Your business is negatively affected when your commercial mower breaks down. A mower breakdown means lost productivity, a machine stuck on a customer property, and throwing a wrench in your lawn company’s production schedule. It’s easy to panic when a mower shuts down, but there are better ways to handle the situation. Below are a few common scenarios and items to address first so you […]

Mar 242016

Are you looking at a Wright mower to power your business but you’re not quite sure if it’s right for you? Shopping is a critical process anytime you make a large investment to up your game. Before Wright Manufacturing made mowers, we were a lawn maintenance company, so we know how critical it is to select the right tool for the job. First, visit your […]

Mar 152016

The Stander ZK is the most extreme commercial stand on mower in the industry. Just now entering its second generation, the ZK is more productive, affordable, and durable than ever. When stand on mowers entered the market about 20 years ago, we built them around the size of a large walk behind mower, and they eventually migrated to a hybrid size halfway between a hydro […]

Mar 092016

If you need to replace a worn-out belt, clutch or blade for your Wright mower, we have developed a new and intuitive online resource for mower replacement parts. This easy-to-use resource will get you up and running as soon as possible. Here’s how to select mower parts quickly and easily through the Wright site: First, identify the serial number of the mower you wish to […]

Mar 042016

If you’re in the market for commercial mowers for your fleet, it can be frustrating when mower pricing isn’t clear-cut and easily available. You’re trying to grow your business and it may seem like purchasing commercial mowing equipment can sometimes stand in the way of that when you just want a good deal. So why is mower pricing so hard to find? Like the automotive […]

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