Mar 162015

As a business owner, you occasionally have to ask yourself some important questions. If business has been good, then one particular question has probably been eating away at you: Should I hire more employees? It’s a good problem to have since it usually means that you are busy enough to even consider the prospect of hiring for your business. We’ve put together a list of […]

Mar 162015

Good landscaping provides many benefits to a home. A well-designed and maintained landscape not only makes a property look better, it also increases its value. Whether you’re taking on your own home yard or want to start a landscaping service, there are a few basic tips that you might want to consider when planning a landscape design. These suggestions will get you started on the […]

Mar 132015

Mowing a lawn the “Wright” way means having the right lawn equipment for the job. If you own a lawn maintenance business and you’re looking for the best mower available, you should consider the Wright Stander® and the Wright Stander X®. But which of these stander mowers is the best choice for you? Check out our comparison below, then decide for yourself. Stander™ The stand-on mower […]

Mar 062015

Communication: when you run a lawn care business, it’s a necessity. Without a good system of communication, you might drive 25 miles to mow the Smith’s half-acre yard, only to find that one of your other crews just finished mowing the yard and forgot to tell you. That’s why communication is so important when you mow lawns for a living. But your time is just […]

Mar 052015

You care about your business. That’s the reason that you always go the extra mile for your best customers. That’s why you invest in the best equipment you can get. And that’s why you take care of that equipment… because it’s an investment. But we get it; sometimes it’s hard to find time to do routine maintenance. After all, when you own a lawn care […]

Mar 022015

At Wright, we understand that when you run a lawn care business, the name of game is flexibility. Different work environments require different mowing styles. Some lawns can be easier to navigate while sitting; some lawns lend themselves to a standing position. And as those of us who mow lawns all day know, sometimes it’s just nice to be able to switch things up for […]

Mar 022015

What’s better than mowing grass with a top-selling mower? Mowing grass with a redesigned top-selling mower. During the GIE+EXPO trade show last fall, Wright showcased its newly revamped Stander ZK and received the Dealers Choice Award trophy for “Best New Product” in the wheel equipment category, solidifying it as one of the best mowers in the market. If you’re in the market for a new […]

Feb 262015

As spring draws near, lawn care professionals are gearing up for another busy mowing season. Hopefully, you’ve made it through the cold winter months and are excited about getting back to work. Now is the perfect time of year to begin the search for new customers. Whether you’re just starting a lawn care business or expanding your existing one, getting new customers before the grass […]

Feb 232015

It’s still winter time, but while we’re all eagerly anticipating the warmer months, it’s important for your lawn care or mower dealership to begin prepping for summer. With the summer heat comes a hectic business, whether you’re selling the mower itself or you have a lawn and garden company. And with any increase in business, it’s always a good idea to hire some extra hands […]

Feb 192015

It’s a question you see a lot in the lawn mowing industry: Should I bag my grass clippings or should I leave them on the lawn? While the majority of the time you’ll want to let your clippings stay on your lawn, the answer really depends on the condition of your lawn and what you’re hoping to accomplish. Clippings can be a great resource for […]

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