Feb 262015

As spring draws near, lawn care professionals are gearing up for another busy mowing season. Hopefully, you’ve made it through the cold winter months and are excited about getting back to work. Now is the perfect time of year to begin the search for new customers. Whether you’re just starting a lawn care business or expanding your existing one, getting new customers before the grass […]

Feb 232015

It’s still winter time, but while we’re all eagerly anticipating the warmer months, it’s important for your lawn care or mower dealership to begin prepping for summer. With the summer heat comes a hectic business, whether you’re selling the mower itself or you have a lawn and garden company. And with any increase in business, it’s always a good idea to hire some extra hands […]

Feb 192015

It’s a question you see a lot in the lawn mowing industry: Should I bag my grass clippings or should I leave them on the lawn? While the majority of the time you’ll want to let your clippings stay on your lawn, the answer really depends on the condition of your lawn and what you’re hoping to accomplish. Clippings can be a great resource for […]

Feb 162015

If you’re a lawn care professional, it doesn’t matter what part of the country you’re in: you know that spring is your busy season. You also know that the key to handling the spring rush is to start your preparation early in the year. The trick is, how do you space everything out? Here are a few thoughts on how to be the best organized […]

Jan 182015

Weeds are pesky things. They sprout up in the most inconvenient times and places without any warning. Even if you do everything according to the instructions, weeds can pop up anyway. Whether you are a homeowner, lawn care specialist or part of a lawn maintenance crew, weeds are a common occurrence. Even in the winter time in certain areas of the country, weeds should not […]

Jan 122015

It’s common knowledge among those in real estate: beautiful lawns and quality landscaping increase a home’s value. Curb appeal isn’t just a trend–it’s an actual necessity when selling your home for the highest price, according to many. In order to delve more deeply into curb appeal, we found this article where some of the housing market’s experts weigh in on curb appeal and the extreme […]

Jan 112015

With winter quickly approaching, it’s important to think about how to properly winterize your lawnmower. If you’re wondering how to properly store your lawnmower during the winter months, here are some tips you’ll want to keep in mind: 1.) Clean the Mower In order to easily clean your lawnmower, you should remove the blade. To do this, simply unscrew the bolts that are holding it […]

May 142013

“Hey, is that…wait a minute…I think it could be… y’know, I think it is…” If you’ve seen a recent Progressive television spot featuring the omnipresent Flo in a variety of work environments, then, yes, you DID see an actual Wright Stander X in one of the scenes. Distinctive Wright orange and black color scheme? Check. Operator situated between—NOT behind—the rear wheels? Check. Quad lever controls? No […]

Apr 012013

It’s difficult for many lawn maintenance professionals who have large jobs to resist the temptation of aircraft carrier-sized mowers. Bigger, wider, and larger equals getting those jobs done faster, right? But unless you’re mowing acres of grass uninterrupted by slopes, closely spaced obstacles, culverts, etc., you’re more likely to get the job done sooner, and with better results, by employing a smaller and more maneuverable […]

Apr 012013

Great landscaping and lawn care can transform the presentation of a commercial or residential property. It can make a business look more inviting and professional, and help improve a home’s curb appeal (especially important if the house is for sale). That’s why more of your customers are doing their homework when it comes to selecting a landscaping company. Here are several things you should be […]

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