Sep 102015

It’s no secret that Wright Manufacturing can offer you quality mowers for any lawn mowing job, and that you can get the best results with the right mowers. If you are buying one of our mowers, then you probably know how to mow a yard like a pro. However, do you know how to properly store your mower? If you’re making a huge investment in […]

Aug 312015

Wright Manufacturing makes mowers that last for private and professional lawn care clients around the world. We’ve had customers report that our mowers have lasted them twenty years or more, nearly as long as we’ve been in business! We’re always excited to hear these reports, and we are constantly trying to improve our standards to give our products longer, stronger life spans. But no amount […]

Aug 272015

At Wright Manufacturing, we understand that keeping your customers happy is the bottom line. That’s why we go above and beyond to keep you, our customers, happy. We know you want your company to be associated with the best lawns in town. That’s why you choose the best products for your lawn care business. If you already own Wright mowers, then you’ve had an opportunity […]

Aug 222015

Lawn mower theft has proven to be a consistent problem in many American cities. Communities like Bridgeton, New Jersey, Toledo, Ohio, and Bangor, Maine have all experienced stolen lawn mowers in recent months. In June, a Topeka, Kansas business was robbed of $25,000 worth of riding lawn mowers. It’s a far-too-common problem for homeowners and small businesses, but it’s one that can be remedied with the […]

Aug 212015

As you may already be aware, many lawn mowing injuries happen each year. After all, you are dealing with a sharp blade traveling at incredibly high speeds; approximately 200 miles per hour. Emergency rooms end up seeing one mowing injury after another, to the point that one Kansas City physician, Dr. Dale Jarka, felt the need to urge all lawn mower users to observe mower […]

Aug 152015

The weather has been uncharacteristic in many areas around the country. Some regions are experiencing intense drought while others are dealing with days of nonstop rain. One thing that comes with such unseasonable weather is a change in wildlife. In climates with more rain, the grass grows quickly and the wildlife will take advantage of opportunities to stay cool. These weather conditions can impact your lawn […]

Aug 142015

With the summer finally winding down, lawn equipment users around the country are reflecting on how things went during the summer season. If you maintain landscapes and mow grass professionally, you know how long hours can wear on your equipment, and your body. If you use a Wright mower, you know that our mowers stand up to the roughest work on the hottest days. But […]

Aug 132015

Kohler has been making great mower engines for a long time. But this isn’t the limit of the companies range or history. With a history stretching all the way back to 1873, the Kohler brand expanded in all directions over the next century-and-a-half. Kohler companies make all sorts of things, probably some items that you have in your home right now. Its subsidiaries make bathtubs, […]

Aug 022015

It’s tempting to think of spring as the best time to plant new trees, vegetables and flowers in your lawn or garden. However, fall shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to many different plant varieties. Many varieties fare even better in the fall, and with the right approach, planting in autumn will result in beautiful gardens when winter finally breaks. Where you live will determine […]

Aug 022015

As lawn care and lawn maintenance professionals, we want no fungus among us. Fungus can be a lawn’s best friend or worst enemy. Where one fungus ensures the metabolic health of an entire golf course, another can wipe it out overnight. When blight hits a landscape you are responsible for maintaining, it can be a nightmare. There are millions of fungus types in the world. Most […]

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