Who do I call to purchase Wright mowers?
You can contact us at (301) 360-9810 Monday–Friday, 8AM–5PM EST. or contact your local dealer.

Can I buy Wright mowers, accessories, or parts directly from the manufacturer?
No. All products must be purchased from an authorized Wright dealer. Visit our Dealer Locator page to find one nearest you.

How can I find a nearby dealer?
Click here to access the Dealer Locator on our website.

How do I become a Wright mower dealer?
If you are interested in becoming a Wright dealer, you will need to contact the distributor that covers your area. To obtain that information, you can contact Wright Manufacturing, Inc. at (301) 360-9810.

How can I find out what Gobbler fits my Wright mower?
We have made it easy to locate your Gobbler/Mower fit. Click here to search for the Wright Gobbler for your mower.

How does the Seasonal Buying Program work?
The Seasonal Buying Program is designed to offer discounted pricing to customers throughout the year, with the largest discounts in the late fall period.

Click here to view a pricing chart reflecting the discount periods and applicable discount percentages off MSRP pricing. In order to take advantage of the discounts shown online, you will need to present the downloadable coupon to your local dealer. The transaction will occur solely between you and your dealer.

Your mower should arrive at the dealer you have selected within three weeks from the date of purchase. In order to qualify for the specific pricing you received, you must register the mower(s) within two weeks from the date of sale. The discount received is contingent upon the date the unit(s) is/are registered (e.g. if you purchase your unit during the 14% discount period you must register the unit within this period; if you register after this period, you will take the next discount amount for the following program period).

What is the capacity of a Regular size Grass Gobbler?
The Regular size Gobbler (200 and 400 Series) has a capacity of 3.3 cubic feet. That equates to approximately 2 1/2 bushels.

What is the capacity of a Jumbo size Grass Gobbler?

The Jumbo size Gobbler (300 and 500 Series) has a capacity of 4.3 cubic feet. That equates to approximately 3 1/2 bushels.

Is there a way to tell a Regular from a Jumbo size Grass Gobbler?

The Regular size is 16″ wide by 20″ high at the rear and weighs 20 pounds empty; the Jumbo size is 19″ wide by 22″ high at the rear and weighs 23 pounds empty.

Does the Leaf Gobbler fit Regular size Grass Gobblers?

The Leaf Gobbler has a design that is different from that of the regular-size Grass Gobbler, making the two unique and not interchangeable.

Can I use the Leaf Gobbler to collect grass?
The practice of using the Leaf Gobbler with a Jumbo Grass Gobbler for normal mowing operations is NOT recommended.

What are the advantages of a Leaf Gobbler extension for my Jumbo Grass Gobbler?
The Leaf Gobbler more than doubles the capacity of the Jumbo Grass Gobbler (from 4.3 c.f. to 8.9 c.f.) while only adding 19 pounds to the empty operating weight. Due to the low weight-to-volume ratio of leaves, and the ability of the mower to pulverize them, the Leaf Gobbler allows you to collect up to four or five times more leaves in the same space than when raked.

What mowers will the GG450 and GGJ550 Grass Gobblers—the ones without brackets—fit?

The GG450 and GGJ550 will fit most Exmark models. They may fit other mowers with a 1″ flatbar deck-support welded above and to the outer edge of the mower’s discharge opening, and which have an opening no larger than the catcher opening.

At one time, a bracket kit for transport and storage of the Grass Gobbler was listed as an option. Is that still available?
No. The optional storage kit for holding the catcher in an upright position for storage and transport has been discontinued and is no longer available.


What is the warranty on Wright mowers?
Wright provides a 2-year Commercial & 5-year Residential Limited Warranty on mowers that covers parts and labor. See your local Wright dealer for further details. Visit the Dealer Locator portion of this site to find a dealer near you.

If I need warranty work done, do I have to go back to the dealer where I purchased the unit?
No.  It is not mandatory that the selling dealer perform the warranty repair; you may go to any authorized Wright mower dealer. It is recommended that you bring a bill of sale documenting the date of purchase.

Is the Wright warranty effective on the used mower I purchased?
The Wright warranty is transferable and is based on the date the original owner purchased the mower; 2 years for Commercial & 5 years for Residential.

Where can I find a replacement owner’s manual?
Click here to be redirected to retrieve owner’s manuals.

Where can I purchase a replacement owner’s manual?
Owner’s manuals are free of charge and can be found here.

Where do I find Technical Specifications?
Click here to be redirected to retrieve Technical Specification documents.

Where do I find Part information?
Click here to find Parts based on serial, part number or mower attributes.

Where do I find Illustrated Parts Lists that are no longer current?
Click here to retrieve older Illustrated Parts lists.

Can I buy a technical service manual for my Wright mower?
Wright Manufacturing does not offer technical service manuals. Your Wright owner’s manual contains valuable information regarding the maintenance and adjustments of your Wright mower.

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