May 262015

wright-manufacturing-lawns-mowers-mowing lawnsAt Wright Manufacturing, we know the important role your lawn mowers play in the success of your business. That’s why we take our part, building high-quality mowers, very seriously. We have decades of experience helping individuals and businesses find the mower that will work for their lawn care needs. Mowing lawns isn’t a one-size-fits-all operation. Depending on your specific company and clients, you might need a wide range of mower options to choose from. For this reason, we also manufacture the finest lawn mower accessories in the business.

If you’re looking for the best grass collection system to compliment your mower, then you may have already checked out our mower accessories. If you haven’t looked into our accessories or want more details, then learn more about the difference between our two collection systems: The Powered Grass Collection System vs. The Grass Gobbler™.

Basically, it depends on the lawn mower you’ll be using. If you are mowing lawns with a Wright Z™ or ZTO™ model, then rest assured that either the Powered Grass Collection System or the Grass Gobbler™will fit your mower. These grass collection systems were designed with these mowers in mind.

However, if you are using another professional model, then you can still find the right mower to Grass Gobbler™ match by going to the bottom of our accessories page and searching for your mower brand. Most likely, the Grass Gobbler™ will be your best bet if you’re not using a Wright Manufacturing brand mower.

Another big difference between the two is their adaptability. Both come in three different sizes, but the Grass Gobbler™ allows the addition of a Leaf Gobbler™ attachment. You might consider this option as a way to stay busy during fall months. When the leaves seem unbearable, your customers will be glad you have a reliable leaf mulching option.

You’ll be getting a high-quality, durable, and adaptable grass collection system with either option. Your choice is going to be contingent upon size of lawns and type, brand, and size of mower you’re using. Consider the Powered Grass Collection System if you’re already using or considering a Wright Z™ or ZTO™ model. If you have your money invested in a different brand mower, then check out our Grass Gobbler™ collection system. Either way, you can expect the best from a Wright Manufacturing product.

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