Aero Core Deck


Aero Core™ Deck

Improve cut quality, handle tight spots more easily and get more done in less time with our AERO CORE™ deck.

Aero Core™ Deck

A well-designed deck can spell the difference between merely getting the job done and getting eye-opening results. The AERO CORE deck from Wright takes productivity and versatility to a level that can actually enhance your profitability season after season. Every aspect of our deck was designed to maximize efficiency, maneuverability, durability and cutting performance–all factors that lead directly to your bottom line. Here’s how:

  • A compact footprint delivers greater maneuverability when working in tight quarters. When navigating closely spaced trees or other obstacles, the AERO CORE deck’s space-saving design lets you get into areas that would otherwise require switching to smaller mowers, increasing the time needed to complete a job.
  • Recessed caster wheels further help reduce the footprint and turning radius. And with the wheels less exposed, there’s less chance they’ll get snagged by immovable obstacles, thus improving maneuverability.
  • A powerful vacuum effect is created by the deck’s unique flow design, which pulls more grass upright so that the blades can cut them evenly–virtually eliminating stringers and the need for double cutting.
  • Overlapping baffle design and rounded carriage bolts yield smooth, air-tapered surfaces–grass flow freely from blade to discharge with no edges or projections that can accumulate clippings and create unsightly clumps.
  • Optimal spacing of diverter baffles helps direct the vacuum to quickly discharge clippings and enhance cutting performance.
  • Anti-scalp rollers enable the deck to float over the ground and provide a smooth, level cut on even the most challenging terrain.
  • Heavy-duty seven gauge steel construction stands up to your toughest jobs, every day, year after year.
  • Rugged discharge chute is made of flexible, tough rubber that won’t dent like metal.



Traditional Side Discharge Illustration Aero Core™ Deck Illustration

All the flow is directed straight up, then funneled down and then out the side.

Diverting some of the air out the back creates a stronger vacuum (pressure) in the front for a cleaner cut.

Take the AERO CORE™ deck for a test drive at your Wright dealer. Click here to locate a dealer near you.

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