Stander ZK


Enjoy unprecedented speed, control, and stability on your biggest jobs with one of today’s most advanced zero turn mowers.

From any viewpoint, the Stander ZK™ is an awe-inspiring display of pure mowing prowess. You get the horsepower to handle massive jobs, as well as the agility and stability only a Wright Stander delivers. The ZK also features a low center of gravity and large tires for excellent hillside stability, and Quick Cut™ height adjustment so it mows more lawns in the same time as any comparable mid-mount Z. It’s a must-see for any professional seeking
a machine that can do it all.

  • Rugged and durable deck sizes of 52” and 61”
  • Engines: 25.5 and 27.0 HP Kawasaki
  • Short overall length for greater maneuverability than
    any mid-mount Z
  • Mows more lawn in the same time as any comparable mid-mount Z when hills
    and maneuvering are considered, with cut speeds up to 13.5 mph
  • Quick Cut™ height adjustment changes from 1.5” to 5.5” easily
  • Low center of gravity and large wheels for hillside stability
  • No seat, seat belts or arm rests mean you can step off for a quick exit or to pick up debris
  • Cooling fans on pumps for more effective hydro cooling

Wright provides a 2-year Limited Warranty on mowers, which covers parts and labor. See your local Wright dealer for further details. Click here to locate a dealer near you.

Note: For a complete listing of all Illustrated Parts Lists and Owners Manuals, click here.

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