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Large & Small Frame
Pre Serial# 17124
Large & Small Frame (pdf)
Revised 02-13-02

Serial #17124 – 49704
Large & Small Frame (pdf)
Revised 06/2007

Serial # 17124 and Higher
Large & Small Frame (pdf)
Revised 12/04/2006

Large Frame
Serial 54956 and higher
Stander LF (English) (pdf)
Revised 1/2012

54700 and higher
Stander LF 54700 and up (pdf)
Revised 7/2011

Serial #49705 and Higher
Large Frame 49705 (pdf)
Revised 06/2009

Small Frame
Serial # 54956 and higher
Stander SF (English) (pdf)
Revised 01/2012

Full Line of Mowers

Stander I

Stander ZK

Stander X


Sport X

Sport RH

Wright Z

Mid-Mount ZTO

Velke Gear Drive

Velke Hydro

List of Accessories

Grass Gobbler

Grass Collection

Velke Sulky

Velke X2


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