Keeping Wright mower customers happy with innovative designs, world-class manufacturing, and unsurpassed customer support.

Wright’s commitment to our customers’ satisfaction begins on the drawing board and never stops. Wright’s engineering teams are some of the most innovative in the commercial mower industry, with more than 40 U.S. patents received and many pending future approval. Plus, Wright is a member of the Maryland World Class Manufacturing Consortium, an organization dedicated to promoting manufacturing at its finest. We use the latest techniques for efficient “just-in-time” production and the highest quality control, while constantly re-evaluating and updating our manufacturing processes to reflect new concepts in design and production.

In addition to creating dependable lawn maintenance products, we are dedicated to keeping them on the job, not in the shop, with superior customer support. We work with dealers to get the parts you need when you need them. And our warranties cover parts and labor to ensure your complete satisfaction. After all, we’re only as successful as our customers.

How the durability and superior performance of our mowers deliver more success for you.
Owning a Wright mower means you own a piece of machinery that is going to last for a long time. And our legendary dependability leads directly to a better bottom line for you.

After five years, you can expect Wright mowers to be worth $500 or more than the total value of our competitors’ mowers (if their equipment even lasts that long). With the speed and productivity of Wright mowers, you can expect to gain $4,000 more annually on average. You get:

  • High performance for more years
  • Slower depreciation overall
  • Equipment that retains value over its entire lifespan for higher salvage values

With Wright, you get more for your money. You gain greater productivity and earn more profit, both annually and throughout the entire lifespan of the mower. And with more productivity and profit, you’re more successful.

Keep your business successful season after season by owning quality equipment from Wright.

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