A Message for Dealers from Bill Wright

Hi, I’m Bill Wright with Wright Manufacturing. We’re very excited about this selling season. We’ve been on the rise and we are expecting a lot of customer interest in our mowers over the next few months. We’ll also be supporting our growth with some efforts on the Internet to help our dealers benefit from interest in Wright Commercial Mowers. We value you as a dealer and we want to help your business as we grow. We will be investing in sending qualified leads to you which will come in to you by email or phone. All we are asking in return now is that you be prepared to respond quickly to those new leads to get them into your showroom for a free demonstration.

Show them the Wright Mowers, help them understand our key values of:

  • Better quality
  • A better investment
  • Better engineering
We will be tracking these new leads to know what is working as we promote traffic to you. Please share your feedback with us on what kind of interest in Wright Mowers you see at your location. Let’s work together to make this selling season the best ever for you and for Wright Mowers. Thank you, Bill Wright Founder of Wright Manufacturing

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