Benefits of Playing on Grass Vs. Concrete

Summer has ended, but that doesn't mean the outdoor activities have to stop. Family and friends are spending time outside in the cool, autumn grass, partaking in a variety of activities, such as football, picnics, bonfires and other games. Since you have kept up with lawn maintenance for the summer and used your [Wright mower] weekly, now it's time to enjoy the lawn. Grass isn't just meant for beautiful landscape and mowing, you should be able to play on it, too!

Here are the great benefits of playing in the grass versus a harder surface like concrete:

It's Safer

While it is perfectly reasonable to play certain sports like basketball on concrete, there are many activities that are much safer to play on lawns. Safety is a major factor in sports and other activities because it can cause injuries or accidents (if people are playing in the concrete roads). Football, soccer and field hockey are just a few sports that not only play better in grass, but are generally safer when played on grass.

It's more comfortable

Though it might be common sense, it needs to be stated that grass is typically more comfortable to play on than concrete and provides give that can be easier on your joints. With proper lawn maintenance, fluffy lawns are great for laying down and reading a book or playing a game of hide and seek.

It's more accessible

Usually concrete means private property, fenced in areas, or a street. But you can find a lawn just about anywhere. With lawns and grass, the options are endless. Play in your backyard, your neighborhood park, or a friends front lawn.

There are so many great benefits to playing on the grass versus concrete. While we understand there are just some sports and activities require concrete, such as rollerblading, it is always great to enjoy the beautiful, freshly mowed grass underneath your feet. Need a good mower for any season? Wright has a great selection of commercial mowers. Schedule your demo today!

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