Easy Mower Prep for Winter Months

Look around. Your customer's lawns are starting to feel the full impact of the winter season. Every good lawn mowing business owner knows that grass care is a job that needs to happen all year. Your customers' lawns may not be growing right now, but that doesn't mean their lawn services need to stop. You can find many helpful tips on our blog about how to keep your lawn mowing business going strong during all seasons.

Grass Blade Snow
Grass Blade Snow

If you're living in a climate with very cold winters, then you might need to prepare a little bit differently for winter. Even the best mowers need to be prepped for winter weather. Fortunately, at Wright Manufacturing, we've designed the high quality mowers that are easy to maintain. Here are some helpful tips to consider when it's time to retire your mower for the winter:

1. Remove the Battery- It's a good idea to store your battery for the winter. Our mowers are designed with easy-to-remove battery covers. The battery connectors are made of high quality materials. You can easily remove the battery from your lawn equipment. Make sure to store the battery in a cool, dry place.

2. Store Properly- It's always important to store your mower in a dry place. It is not ideal to have your mower in the elements. Standing rain or snow should be avoided. For added safety, never store your mower near a water heater or an appliance with a pilot light.

3. Clean your Mower- Make sure your mower is clean before you put it in storage. Remove excess grass and debris. Check underneath the mower too. Take time to clean around the blades. It's always a good idea to remove the spark plug before any extended maintenance under the mower.

If you follow these simple steps, then your reunion with your mower in the spring will go much more smoothly. If you're choosing a Wright Manufacturing mower, then you're choosing the best product for your lawn mowing business. Why wouldn't you want to take extra precautions during cold weather months? You can find your product's owner's manual on our website. Whether you're using a Stander® or Wright Z , take care of your investment this winter.

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