Mower Add-Ons

Our Mower Add-Ons are built to enhance your productivity and give you that extra edge for your landscaping needs.
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Mulch Kits

mulch kit
Mulch kits are a great alternative to collecting clippings and leaves. The recirculating baffles break down clippings into small and easily biodegradable pieces.
  • Remove the standard baffles and install the mulching baffles with block plate in minutes
  • Order your favorite blades separately. See 'Blades' section below.**

The table below will give you the correct Wright part number based on the deck size (first column) and deck type (headers 2-3) your mower has.

Deck Size Deck Type
AERO Core Reg. 5” Deck Stander B
32” 95460029 95480003 95460030
36” 95480005 95470002 95460031
42” 95480006 95480002
48” 95430009 95430003 95430009
52” 95440011 95440003 95440011
61” 95450011 95450003
72” 98460069 98460069


mower blade
We offer a range of standard and mulching blades. OEM and reputably sourced blades are critical to ensure the metal is properly treated to be hard yet not brittle.
  • Standard blade is a 1” high lift blade (an ultra-high lift would be 1.25” and may cause dust blow out the front of the deck in lighter conditions and bagging).
  • Mulch blades are wave type which promote downward recirculation.

Note: the “offset” or “step” blades are no longer promoted because we found standard blades cut better in heavy growth. We recommend replacing step blades with the standard blade and one 1/4” spacer.

Blade Length Blade Type Deck Size Part Number
16 1/2" Standard 32", 48" 71440002
18" Standard 36", 52" 71440001
21" Standard 42", 61" 71440003
24 1/2" Standard 72" 71440014
16 1/2" Mulching 32", 48" 71490001
18" Mulching 36", 52" 71490002
21" Mulching 42", 61" 71490003

Collection Bag

trash collection bag
debris collection bag
Provides a place to put trash and debris while on the go.
  • Drawstring keeps trash from blowing out and easy to empty
  • Installs in minutes

The table below will give you the correct Wright part number based on your mower family abbreviation.

Model Part Number
Stander X/Stander Large (WSTX/WSLG) 95490014
Stander I/Stander Small (WSTN/WSS) 95490015
Velke HC/Velke LC/Velke PISTOL GEAR (WVHC/WVLC/WVGC) 95490016
Stander ZK (WSZK) 95490017

Northern Grass Baffle Kit

Model Part Number
52" Northern Grass Baffle Kit 98440015
61" Northern Grass Baffle Kit 98450014

Michelin® Tweel® Tire Guide

michelin tweel tire front angle view
michelin tweel tire side view
michelin tweel tire side view
michelin tweel tire rear angle view
michelin tweel tire side view
Use the Michelin® Tweel® guide below for approved application.
Mower Tweel Size/Type WrightPart Number
Stander I/Sport I (48"/52") 18.5" Tweel 72410097
Stander X/Sport X 18.5" Tweel 72410097
ZK 24" 5 lug Tweel 72410098
MMZ 24" 4 lug Tweel

Stander® ZK Add-ons

dually wheel tires
dual wheel tires outdoors
Add-ons for the Stander® ZK

NOTE: The Standard Stander ZK tire size is 24x12-12, the tire size needed for the dual wheel kit is 23x10.5-12

Add-On Part Number
ZK Tractor weight kit, 100lbs. 95410044
Dual Wheel kit 95410045

Stander® B Add-ons

Add-ons for the Stander® B
Add-On Part Number Notes
Bag Kit 95490020
Flat-free Caster Kit 95410046 *Includes 2 caster yokes, tires, and hardware. For one replacement yoke: 93410558
Stripe Kit 98460074 48" & 52" decks only

Additional Parts

wright brand mower oil filter
wright brand mower hydraulic oil
trimmer mower mounting bracket kit
weed wacker mower mounting bracket kit
Additional parts for servicing and other accessories.
Description Part Number Notes
Hydro Filter 34490002
15W-50 Hydro Oil 36490013
Easy on/off Block Plate 93460215
Fire Extinguisher bracket 98490021
Trimmer holder 98470106 **For WSTX and WSZK
Light Bar Bracket 98490023 **Light Bar NOT included
Jack Bracket 95410047