Mower Add-Ons

Our Mower Add-Ons are built to enhance your productivity and give you that extra edge for your landscaping needs.

Mulch Kits

mulch kit
Mulch kits are a great alternative to collecting clippings and leaves. The recirculating baffles break down clippings into small and easily biodegradable pieces.
  • Remove the standard baffles and install the mulching baffles with block plate in minutes
  • Order your favorite blades separately. See 'Blades' section below.**

The table below will give you the correct Wright part number based on the deck size (first column) and deck type (headers 2-3) your mower has.

Deck Size Deck Type
AERO Core Reg. 5” Deck ZK-6” deep deck-only
32” 95460029 95480003
36” 95480005 95470002
42” 95480006 95480002
48” 95430009 95430003
52” 95440011 95440003 95440008
61” 95450011 95450003 95450007
72” 98460069 98460069


mower blade
We offer a range of standard and mulching blades. OEM and reputably sourced blades are critical to ensure the metal is properly treated to be hard yet not brittle.
  • Standard blade is a 1” high lift blade (an ultra-high lift would be 1.25” and may cause dust blow out the front of the deck in lighter conditions and bagging).
  • Mulch blades are wave type which promote downward recirculation.

Note: the “offset” or “step” blades are no longer promoted because we found standard blades cut better in heavy growth. We recommend replacing step blades with the standard blade and one 1/4” spacer.

Blade Length Blade Type Deck Size Part Number
16 1/2" Standard 32", 48" 71440002
18" Standard 36", 52" 71440001
21" Standard 42", 61" 71440003
24 1/2" Standard 72" 71440014
16 1/2" Mulching 32", 48" 71490001
18" Mulching 36", 52" 71490002
21" Mulching 42", 61" 71490003

Collection Bag

collection bag
Provides a place to put trash and debris while on the go.
  • Drawstring keeps trash from blowing out and easy to empty
  • Installs in minutes

The table below will give you the correct Wright part number based on your mower family abbreviation.

Model Part Number
WSTX 95490014
WSTN/WS/WSS 95490015
WSZK 95490017