Commercial Accessories

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  • Velke Sulky™
  • Velke X2™ Sulky
  • Grass Gobbler™
  • Leaf Gobbler™
  • WrightVac™ Powered Bagger
  • Powered Grass Collection System
  • Mulch Kits
  • Blades
  • Northern Grass / Bagger Baffle Kit
  • Tweel and Tire Guide
  • Additional Parts

Velke Sulky

Velke sulkies provide a smoother, more comfortable ride, and increase productivity. Each is engineered to work on Wright models as well as other professional mower brands.

Velke Sulky™

The 2023 model introduces several improvements building on the original heavy duty design. See Velke X2 for two wheel configuration.

Velke X2™ Sulky

Same great features as the Velke Sulky, plus much more.

Grass Collection

Our grass collection accessories are built to stand up to hard use season after season. They're engineered to fit Wright mowers as well as other professional brands.

Grass Gobbler™

grass gobbler
With a simple all-steel construction, the Grass Gobbler has proven itself to be the most durable catcher ever made.

Leaf Gobbler™

leaf gobbler overview
Double your collection capacity.

WrightVac™ Powered Bagger

wrightvac powered bagger side view
The Ultimate Bagger for the Ultimate Mower.
The WrightVac system is designed to meet the demanding needs you face everyday as a professional landscaper. Our goal was to create a bagger system to match the performance of the mower. This means the WrightVac was engineered to produce enough airflow to prevent clogging even when mowing at max speed of 13mph; which makes it ideal for both the ZXT series and the ZK.

In addition, the WrightVac shares the same heavy-duty low low-maintenance elements as the ZXT resulting in a truly commercial-grade powered bagger.

Powered Grass Collection System

grass collection system
Designed specifically for Wright Z and ZTO models, the powered grass collection system holds up to 8 bushels for 48” models, 12 bushels for 61” models, and your choice of 8 or 12 bushel systems for 52” models. The rear wheel motors can be moved fore and aft to maintain proper weight balance.

Mower Add-ons

Our Mower Add-Ons are built to enhance your productivity and give you that extra edge for your landscaping needs.

Mulch Kits

mulch kit
Mulch kits are a great alternative to collecting clippings and leaves. The recirculating baffles break down clippings into small and easily biodegradable pieces.


mower blade
We offer a range of standard and mulching blades. OEM and reputably sourced blades are critical to ensure the metal is properly treated to be hard yet not brittle.

Collection Bag

collection bag
Provides a place to put trash and debris while on the go.

Northern Grass / Bagger Baffle Kit

Michelin® Tweel® Tire Guide

Stander® ZK Add-ons

dually wheel tires
Add-ons for the Stander® ZK

Stander® B Add-ons

Add-ons for the Stander® B

Additional Parts

wright additional parts
Additional parts for servicing and other accessories.