The stand-on mowing revolution started right here. Today's Standers are more refined, agile, and well balanced than ever before.


Reduces Strain On Lower Back

Standing is a more ergonomic work position. Sitting for long periods of time causes numerous issues including tight hipflexors, hamstrings, and lower back fatigue.

Cut Tight Spaces; Less Trimming

The Stander has a shorter length than any other mower of the same width. This lets you cut those hard to get spots, saving time trimming.

Efficiency Through Productivity

High productivity allows the Stander to get the job done with less time and fuel. Economical doesn’t have to be slow!

Easy Bail-Out Reduces Risk

The Stander features an open platform that allows you to bail out should you feel uncomfortable manning the machine.

Duck Down To Avoid Overhead Obstacles

With its open platform design, the Stander lets you duck down to avoid overhead obstacles such as tree limbs.

Fit More On Your Trailer

Short overall length allows more mowers on a trailer and makes unloading an easier task.

Best Of Both Worlds - Agile & Powerful

Walk-behinds are agile and light. Zs are powerful and fast. The Stander combines all these attributes into one powerful package.

Ideal Positioning

The Stander has the best weight distribution of any stand-on mower. This was done by placing the engine, transmissions, deck, and platform as close to the center of rotation as possible.