The Innovative AERO CORE™ Deck

The Wright Parts

The Wright Aero-Core™ deck is state-of-the-art in the mowing business, capable of reliably handling a wide range of conditions.

Features Include:

  • Intermediate flow that handles a wide range of conditions and moisture levels, and breaks clippings into smaller pieces so they disappear faster.
  • Bolt-in baffles that can be replaced easily with mulch baffles or alternate airflow baffles.
  • Large discharge chute with angled rear edge to help reduce clumping.
  • Heavy bracing over the top of the deck to help keep the deck from warping or cracking after many hours.
  • Serrated teeth that are cut into the trim side of the deck baffle to comb'' taller grass into the blade, rather than around the edge of the deck, helps you get a crisp cut all the way to the edge.
  • Deck wheels that are where you need them. All three-bladed decks have rollers behind the center blade to keep the deck from beaching'' over the top of a hill, as well as twin nose wheels; 52'' decks have a trim side wheel; 61'' decks have trim and discharge side wheels; and 72'' decks also have rear corner wheels.
  • Laminated deck top that reinforces spindle mounting areas, and nearly all fasteners are round head bolts for easy cleaning.
  • Angled front lip for strength and to help the deck bounce over objects rather than impact them bluntly.
  • Deck upper with no corners that collect water, and it can be cleaned easily. Clean engine bypass air flows through the deck upper to help prevent grass and leaves from accumulating under the deck covers on stand-on models.

Aero Core Under
Aero Core Under

Unique Flow

Rather than pulling all the air up the middle of the mower blade and pushing it out the sides like other decks do, the AERO CORE™ is designed to pull more air from the front, which powerfully whips up the grass at the front cutting edge. The result is a cleaner, more even cut. The air-tapered surfaces that create this effect, combined with anti-clumping baffles, also help the cut grass to discharge freely. This allows each mower blade to cut efficiently and also minimizes time spent cleaning.

Space-Saving Design

Less bulk means more agility around and between trees, curbs, ditches, walls, etc., than other zero turn mowers. One reason for this is that the compact footprint fits between narrower spaces, reducing the need to switch out equipment for those areas. On top of that, the design leaves room for recessed caster wheels on Wright's Stander X™ zero-turn mower, which tightens turn radius and keeps the wheels out of the way. Since it can go more places faster, the AERO CORE™ will actually save time over a larger deck in most cases, while leaving fewer ruts. Needless to say, it also leaves more room on the trailer for other lawn care equipment. To cover a variety of needs, it comes in three sizes: 48, 52, and 61.

Quality Materials

The AERO CORE™ Deck is made of heavy-duty seven gauge steel for top-grade durability. Since decks are often the first part of mower equipment to take a damaging blow from an unseen rock or curb, the strength of seven gauge steel will lengthen the mower's life without compromising efficient air flow from cracks or dents. The discharge chute is also made from rugged material for optimal longevity. Heavy duty yet flexible plastic material enables the chute to absorb knocks and brushes without incurring damage.

As you can see, a superior deck can affect the mower's efficiency, longevity, versatility, cut quality and overall job time. In short, it is one of the most crucial items of mower equipment you'll use. So, what difference does the AERO CORE™ Deck make? See for yourself: click here to watch the AERO CORE™ in action, and then schedule a free Demo at your local Wright dealer.

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