What to Expect With a Mower Demo at a Wright Dealership

Buying a mower is a big deal. At Wright Commercial Mowers, we offer Demos to anyone looking to buy a commercial mower. It's an important step in deciding on the mowers you're most comfortable with and most excited about. Here's what you can expect with a mower demo at a Wright dealership.

Mower Line
Mower Line

Upon Arrival

When potential buyers arrive at the Wright dealership, they can expect to stay anywhere between 30 minutes to one hour. Depending on dealer size, they may or may not have a full-time floor salesperson, but either way, the buyer can expect to be greeted and asked a few questions regarding his or her individual needs and interests by someone at the showroom.


The potential buyer will be given a commercial mower presentation that highlights the specific parts of the mower and shows the customer how to safely operate the equipment. Presentations are a great time for buyers to really understand what mowers they are interested in. Sometimes, it just takes seeing it in person and hearing the different qualities each lawn mowing machine has to offer. During that time, buyers can also set a time for the demo of the mower they're interested in. Each dealership varies in the extent at which a potential buyer can try out the mowers. Some will let buyers try them out in the parking lot, while others will actually load the mower up in the trailer and give the interested individual a chance to try it out at home. The buyer will need to call the closest Wright dealer to see what the stipulations are; either way, you will be able to try out a mower.


If the salesperson has the ability to go out on the demo, he or she can train and show the buyer how to use the machine. However, there are dealerships that do not have their own demonstrator machines, and rely on the distributor representative to come out and do the demo. If this is the case with your particular dealership, it will simply require the salesperson to connect with the rep and set up a time to do the demo.

Additional Information

Along with talking about the equipment, potential buyers will also be asked about how they plan to purchase mowers. The mowers Wright offers are a big purchase, and it's important that all of our customers feel fully financially equipped. Some of our buyers buy a mower with cash, while others choose a financing option. Following the demo, our dealers are happy to walk you through the different options.

Questions to Ask

Potential buyers should be asking questions about the mowers they're looking at—it's the only way to learn. Here are some questions we recommend each buyer to ask before purchasing a mower:

  • What is the cost of ownership?
  • Where are the mowers made?
  • What brand engines does this mower come with?
  • What gauge metal is this mower made of?
  • How much lawn will it mow per hour?
  • What is the warranty period and what does it include?
  • What kind of financing is offered?
  • How soon can I get one?

By going through a demo, asking questions, and viewing a presentation, buyers should feel great about their purchase once they're mowing a lawn with their brand new Wright commercial mower. Demos will differ according to dealerships, so be sure to call your local Dealer to see exactly what will happen during your visit. Happy shopping!

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