5 Tips on How to Stand Out Among Lawn Care Competitors

Spring and summer are key months for anybody in the lawn care business. If you look around during these months, you might pass dozens of your competitors as you drive from house to house. There are a lot of competitors doing everything from mowing lawns to full lawn care. No matter where your business falls in the spectrum of lawn care providers, it's important to do things your own way. The flipside of competition in the lawn care business is that there is a wide range of quality within the industry. You can stand out by taking a few easy steps. It's not hard to stand out among lawn care competitors when you follow these five simple tips:

1. Go Online

Stand out from the competition by offering something unique. Consider keeping up with a social media tool like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Invite your customers to follow you online. This can build a sense of familiarity with your customers. If you have a website, then make sure you keep it updated and active. A dormant or outdated website instantly looks unprofessional to some customers. You don't need to try to get millions of likes online. Simply use online tools as a way to keep your company on the mind of your customers. All of these online measures won't mean much if you don't tell your customers to go find you. Remember to use old-fashioned word-of-mouth to steer customers to your website and social media accounts. Encourage customers to share their positive feedback on these sites too.

2. Elect Leaders

If you have multiple crews mowing lawns, then elect a crew leader for each. This individual should be well-spoken, knowledgeable, and polite. This individual can be the first point of contact for your customers. A little bit of a personal touch can go a long way. Encourage this person to remember the names of your customers too.

3. Buy Quality

If you use high quality mowers, then your lawns will look better. This is a pretty simple concept. However, it can be easily overlooked by many companies. It's tempting to try to save money by cutting corners with your equipment. Always make sure you have the best equipment at your price point. Wright Manufacturing Main site offers a full line of high quality mowers at various price points. Your customers will certainly notice the difference when you're mowing with quality equipment. Don't be shy about mentioning something about your newest equipment with customers who seem interested. They'll be glad to know their lawns are being cut by the best mowers.

4. Know the Business

Most people can mow a lawn. Stand out from your competitors by really knowing the lawn care business. Take some time to study different types of grass, soil, plants, trees, and other aspects of lawn care. If a customer is having problems with dead spots in his backyard, then do your homework to understand why this might be happening. A little bit of knowledge can go a long way. Customers will be impressed and feel like their lawns are in the right hands.

5. Say Thank You

This last tip is a very simple one: say thank you. If your customers are home when you work on their yard, then take the time to visit for a moment and thank them. They have many options to choose from, and they chose you. Thank-you notes around holidays or before a busy season are a nice touch. These notes can double as an opportunity to suggest products or services at various times throughout the year. When you're thanking your customers, ask for feedback about your services and point them towards your social networking sites.

These five simple tips can make a big difference for your lawn care business. These tips are very simple ways to make your business about much more than just lawn maintenance. Stand out from the rest with some simple steps and quality products Stand-on from Wright Manufacturing.

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