5 Keys to Select a Commercial Lawn Mower Dealer

What should you consider when choosing where to buy a commercial lawn mower? Should you go on price? Location? Brands carried? Those things matter, but here are some less obvious ideas for making the right choice of commercial lawn mower dealer:

1. Service

There is no way around it. Service level is the single biggest factor in choosing a dealership- building a relationship with a local dealer make the difference between getting a mower back on your truck and back in service faster. A dealer with high level of service is going to have the business (and the staffing) to take care of the customer.

2. Professionalism

It often goes overlooked, but a professional business operation is going to run smoothly even at the peak of the season. When the mowers are stacking up in the parking lot for service and everyone is in a hurry, the dealer with a well-managed front office is going to handle the stress test better. That plays out for commercial mower operators in more up-time with each unit in operation.

3. Facility

Does your dealer have a secure, clean facility? It is critical to your service needs to be able to get in and out safely and to be able to load and unload mowers without risking the readiness of your crew members.

4. Transparency

Does your dealer help you understand equipment choices and typical service needs of equipment? Or do you come away from a dealer visit not sure about what the factors are in making an equipment selection? A really good dealer will tell you the pros and the cons of your options. Having this level of trust is invaluable because it will set the tone for handling any issues that arise later.

5. Fit

Some relationships just get off on the right foot. When a mutual respect is there, it makes everything go better. At Wright, we work with dealers with whom we have a mutual respect, and we make sure that we share a respect for the customer - the commercial lawn mower buyer. When you find a dealer who you and your crew just plain fit with, you have a chance to make your work a lot easier. A good fit is key.

Armed with these factors in mind, you have a chance at identifying a true partner in maintaining your ability to manage and even grow your business.

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