A Look at Floating Deck and Fixed Deck Mowers

As a manufacturer, there a lot of different factors that we take into account when designing a new mower. Whether it's wheel size, steering options or even paint design, we pay attention to every detail to make sure that every single one of Wright's products meets the standards that our customers have come to expect from our brand. One of the most fundamental decisions that we make in mower design is whether a mower is built with a fixed deck or a floating deck. Both deck styles offer their own set of appeal to customers.

Aerocore Deck
Aerocore Deck

Let's take a look at the difference between a floating deck and a fixed deck lawn mower, with some examples of each:

Floating Deck Mowers

Floating decks are often connected to the frame through a suspension system. Floating decks respond well to bumps or inconsistencies in a given terrain. Examples of Wright's floating deck mowers include our Stander X™ and Sport X™ Stander X™ Sport X™ .

Fixed Deck Mowers

Fixed decks are built as one piece into the overall frame of the mower. These decks are known for their durability. The Stander® and the Velke Hydro™ Stand-on Velke Hydro™ are just two examples of our fixed deck offerings.

Wright offers many varieties of commercial lawn mowers, each and every one offering lawn care professionals a superior level of design and engineering. One of Wright's most innovative advances is our AERO-CORE™ deck AERO CORE , which is included on many of our fixed and floating deck mowers. This design diverts air out of the back of the deck and creates a vacuum pressure in the front, giving you a cleaner and more consistent cut. It also offers a compact footprint, recessed caster wheels and anti-scalp rollers, all of which contribute to the superior results you can expect from a Wright product.

We're known for building mowers with an innovative design and state-of-the-art engineering. Our customers can attest the durability and high-quality performance of every single one of our product lines. Whether you want a fixed or a floating deck, we can deliver the mower to meet the goals that you've set for your lawn care business. To learn more about any of our mowers or to book a demonstration Demo , find a dealer in your area Find a Dealer today. Our seasonal buying program Seasonal buying program ensures that all of Wright's customers get the best deal possible. Come join the Wright family to get started today.

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