Benefits of the Bailout Feature with Wright Mowers

The popularity of stand-on mowers has increased greatly over the years for mowing lawns, and it is obvious why. Lawn care companies and other maintenance crews are using stand-on mowers for various reasons, such as easy rides on hilly lawns and decreased exhaustion for operators. However, no one can deny the functionality and benefits of the bailout feature.

Bail Out
Bail Out

Wright's Commercial Mowers has a variety of stand-on mowers to choose from including the Stander I Stander I and the Stander X Stander X , both of which embody the bailout feature when mowing lawns. This feature is something that lawn care company employees find useful when operating stand-on mowers. For example, if an operator is mowing lawns and comes across a hilly terrain or a low hanging branch, the operator will be able to jump off the mower quickly and the mower will shut off. If the same scenario were to happen to an operator on a riding mower while taking care of lawn maintenance, the operator would be constrained to the seat or armrest, making it much more difficult to get off. Benefits to think about when considering the bailout feature of a stand-on:

  • You can exit quickly if danger arises.
  • There are no armrests or seatbelts in your way.
  • The mower shuts off, preventing damage to lawns.
  • It is easy to remove debris out of the way of the mower quickly.

So is a stand-on mower worth purchasing on the bailout ability alone? Absolutely! Wright is always improving its mowers to include the most advanced safety features. The bailout ability on Wright's mowers can be the one feature that might keep you or your team from danger while cutting lawns. To see it in action, check out this video. Want to schedule an appointment with your local dealer? Contact Contact us Wright today!

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