How Does the Stander Intensity Give You More Mowing Control?

What does mowing control really mean when you have to live with a machine every day? There are dozens of hidden design characteristics that add up to a high performing commercial mowing machine, but for landscapers, mowing control means having the confidence in yourself and in your mower to get the job done with a polish of excellence. So how does the Stander Intensity give you more mowing control?

Stander I
Stander I

The Stander Intensity™ has the benefits of both small and large commercial mowers.

Small machines are compact, light, and nimble. This allows them to work in tight spaces and mow across lots of varying landscapes. Large commercial mowing machines have the benefits of bigger decks as well as maximum performance engines and drives. The Stander Intensity™ combines several of these benefits into one machine. Yes, it can't reach the top speeds of large machines and it is heavier than most walk-behinds, but it allows you to take on a wide variety of properties with confidence and efficiency.

The Intensity utilizes Wright’s patented stand-on machine layout.

In the late 80s, the Lawn Wright landscaping crew pushed for greater productivity and decided there was a better way to mow than being towed around by the Velke Sulky. While trying to avoid the disadvantages of going to a standard sit down Z, the stand on mower was born. Suddenly, all the walk-behind benefits of visibility, simple egress, stability and gentleness on the turf could be maintained while riding on one machine.

The Intensity gives the landscaper more mowing control through proximity to the rear wheels.

A zero-turn mower has the ability to turn in place around a point centered between the drive tires. With a zero-turn mower, you have the convenience of placing the machine into almost any location it can fit while rotating the machine to place the cutter deck right where you want it.

The Intensity’s superb weight balance.

Zero-turn mowers need a significant percentage of their mass focused over the drive tires in order to control both motion and turning. As a result, the balance of a zero-turn mower pivots about the drive tires. If weight is added in front of the drive tires, a percentage of that mass must be added behind the tires in order to keep the machine balanced and controlled.

The ideal case is to concentrate the mass as close to the drive location as possible. The Stander Intensity™ focuses the operator's mass over the rear tires with the engine and cutter deck as close to the rear as possible, tackling turns and hills with great control and ease.

The Intensity’s exceptional safety features.

With the advantages of standing combined with well-engineered weight distribution, Wright Standers are excellent for tackling slopes. Standing mowers allow the operator to shift weight to increase control and safety. The Stander Intensity™ is also equipped with a pair of anti-tip wheels in the rear to keep the machine from rolling backwards should the front end rise quicker than the operator can compensate. The operator position of a Wright Stander® allows you to simply step off the machine if in an unsafe situation. When stepping off, the blades will stop turning and you can safely disengage from the mower.

The balance of design between components, machine layout, operator position, weight balance, and safety put together makes a capable machine that gives landscapers confidence in their mowers to get the job done with excellence that can only come from a Wright commercial mowing product.

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