Best Choices for Planting in the Fall

We often think of spring as the best time to plant new trees, vegetables and flowers in your lawn or garden. However, fall shouldn't be overlooked when it comes to many different plant varieties. Many types fare even better in the fall, and with the right approach, planting in autumn will result in beautiful gardens when winter finally breaks. Where you live will determine which plants will be better suited for your garden, but we've compiled a few basic ideas for planting vegetables, trees, flowers, and shrubs in the fall.

Leafy Greens
Leafy Greens
Purple Flowers
Purple Flowers


Carrots, lettuce, mustard greens, kale, and spinach are just a few of the numerous options you have when planting vegetables in the fall. If you want a sweeter taste, wait until after frost before harvesting vegetables like kale, parsnips, and leeks. A good frost actually brings out the sugars in many varieties of vegetables.


Many trees are great for fall planting. Elm, maple, buckeyes, pines, alda, catalpa, and sycamores will all serve you well if planted in the fall months. Stay away from evergreens and try to refrain from using too much fertilizer on your fall trees. It's best to plant them in good soil and let them thrive in an environment well-suited for them. However, you do want to make sure they get enough water in case there's a dry season approaching.


Pansies, such as Plentifall pansies, are a great option for fall flowers. Bulbs like bluebells, tulips, daffodils, bearded and Siberian irises, pitcher plants, and Glory of the Snow will also serve you well when planted during the autumn season.


Most shrubs will be fine for fall planting if you give plant them a month or so before the first frost. As a general guideline, look for plants with shallow root systems to plant in the fall. Hydrangeas and rose bushes like the Confederate rose will make a great addition to your landscape and are great for autumn planting.

As is the case with all of the plants that you might be considering, check with local extension offices and state reference guides to determine which varieties are best suited for your climate for fall gardening. Plan ahead for the spring and get your green thumbs to work in the fall season. When it's time to mow your lawn, remember the Wright offers well-built, efficient commercial mowers. Find a dealer in your area Dealer Locator or call (301) 360-9810 (toll free) today and learn about making a smart mower purchase.

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