The Grass Gobbler

Part of what makes a lawn a beautiful, finished product is the fresh, clean cut it leaves behind. Extra clippings can put a dent in the overall ambiance of a lawn, and it can also ultimately hurt your customers' satisfaction.

Grass Gobbler
Grass Gobbler

Wright understands customer satisfaction but they also understand convenience and efficiency. That's why Wright has a product that guarantees a beautiful piece of land without those pesky clippings all over the place, or taking extra time to clean it up.

Meet Wright's Grass Gobbler [link product page w/ the GH], "The catcher engineered by the pros, for the pros." Its name is exactly its job. This versatile accessory will virtually fit on any mower and is a durable, all-steel grass catcher that can hold up to rough conditions such as wear, tear and rust. This great accessory is a sure-fire way to complete any and every job that lands in your way.

The Grass Gobbler is built with Wright's mission in mind. After all, it was the Grass Gobbler that put Wright Commercial Mowers on the map. Bill Wright introduced the Grass Gobbler when he realized the market was in desperate need for a durable and functional grass catcher. Since then, the company has blossomed into what it is today.

To learn more about the Grass Gobbler or any of Wright's products please visit our website , or schedule your free Demo today.

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