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Last month Wright took a trip to visit Dickens Turf and Landscape Supply in Nashville, Tennessee. From the moment they pulled into the parking lot and saw three Wright mowers gleaming in the sun, they knew they were in for a great experience, and Dickens staff did not disappoint. Area managers John and Tyler greeted us with a handshake and a smile, ready to help us regarding all things Wright. From friendly service to honest advice, the helpful staff at Dickens assisted and advised at every turn.

Dickens Turf
Dickens Turf
Dickens Turf
Dickens Turf

Regarding Wright mower longevity and overall footprint, area manager John had this to say: "Wright mowers hold up very well. They have a noticeably smaller footprint, which results in more mowers per trailer.

Also, places with islands, such as roads and highways, are more easily mowed with smaller machines like Wright. Wright's mower designs make it easier to get over curbs to get onto islands and mow them. Wright mowers can go in and out of places that a larger riding mower cannot get to. They fit into smaller, tighter spaces, which are a unique application for a mower."

Dickens' other area manager, Tyler, offered a testament to the longevity and value of Wright mowers: "We work with a company that mows a lot of high visibility properties, and they only purchase Wright mowers. They are very hard on their mowers and have never been let down or disappointed by the Wright product line. This is the best test or testimony anyone can give. Another good thing about Wright is we don't have to worry about them coming back for unscheduled maintenance and repairs. From a consumer standpoint, this is fantastic."

Dickens has 3 locations in middle Tennessee, meaning you're never far from a Wright dealer if you live in the Nashville area. They also built a 4th dealership in north Nashville, so no matter where you live in Nashville, you'll be within 30 minutes of a Wright dealership. Call Dickens Supply today at 615-227-1111 or visit them on their website to find out more about Wright mowers today.

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