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There are few things better than a family-owned business. It embodies hard work ethic, while still maintaining a solid foundation for customer service and quality care. Nestled in a city of about 250,000 people in Lincoln, Nebraska, Small Engine Specialists, Inc. keep their local and family-orientated business both friendly and profitable ever since they first opened 22 years ago. "We began to notice the rise in popularity of stand-on mowers approximately five to six years ago and began seeing Wright mowers on some of our customer trailers," General Manager Steve Rider explains. "When our Toro distributor began handling the line, we wasted little time signing on."

Small Engine Specialists
Small Engine Specialists
Small Engine Specialists
Small Engine Specialists

Small Engine Specialists, Inc. topped at 2.2 million dollar in sales last year — a hefty chunk of change for a small business. A portion of those sales is thanks to having Wright mowers in their store.

"The commercial buyers in our area are, for the most part, small independent operators who are often extremely budget conscious," Steve explains. "Many seem to see only price tags and figure 'the cheaper, the better.' While some never move beyond that mentality, our customers who were serious about purchasing a stand-on have chosen Wright because they were pleased with the performance (after demoing the product) and were comfortable knowing it was backed by a reputable dealer." According to Steve, the three main factors that are most valuable to Small Engine's customers are price, quality, and service. These ingredients are factors that both Wright and Small Engines Specialists understand and accommodate to consumers all over the city. Based in Nebraska, the business is centered in an urban area; but large properties and land developments surround Lincoln like many mid-sized areas.

"Our best-selling model has been the 36" Stander® unit as many of our customers with residential clients find the productivity and versatility of this unit best suited to their needs," Steve says. In an area where a variety of landscapes are prominent, having Wright mowers with flexibility is optimal.

Located in Lincoln, Nebraska off Cornhusker Highway on Highway 77, Small Engine Specialists has a large inventory of Wright mowers in addition to service repair. Call Small Engine Specialists at (402) 466-2000 or visit their website for more information or to demo a Wright mower.

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