Grass Allergies

What to Do about Them When Mowing Lawns

Seasonal allergies or hay fever can be a tricky thing when you are busy with lawn care or mowing lawns. Just as the winter flu and cold season ends, the spring and summer allergies of pollen, grass and dander pop up all around you. If you are like many people mowing lawns or providing lawn care services with allergies, it is hard to avoid triggers such as grass for lawns, trees and other pollens. However, there are ways to ease the symptoms as you ride your mower this season.

  • Take medication daily: As the spring season approaches and the grass begins to green, start taking an allergy medication that works best. If you are unsure, consult with your physician to find the right brand and dosage for you. Antihistamines and decongestants work well for “hay fever.”
  • Wear a facemask: An allergy facemask is a great alternative if you don’t want to take medications or administer allergy shots. As you use the mower or cut grass for lawns, use the allergy facemask to reduce severe symptoms while on the job.
  • Take showers: This might sound silly (and a no brainer if you have been out in the heat all day), but taking a shower immediately after you’ve been on a mower will wash off all pollen and reduce your allergy symptoms. Don’t forget your hair either! (It can trap a lot of unwanted pollen.)
  • Bag Grass: If freshly cut grass is a trigger, use a tool for your mower such as the Grass Gobbler to pick up the grass immediately instead of spraying it back on lawns. This method will not only help you, but potentially other allergy sufferers (not to mention your lawns will look great)!

Mowing lawns doesn't have to be a drag for you and other co-workers. Just be prepared and smart about alleviating symptoms when you are out on the job. If you don't have allergies, but know other lawn care professionals that do, recommend these strategies for them. Be safe and happy mowing this spring season!

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