How to Get the Best Quality Cut With a Stander I

One of the biggest accomplishments of a great mower is its cut quality. The better cut, the healthier the grass; the healthier the grass, the happier the customer. So how can you get the best quality cut from your commercial mower? Let's take the Stander Intensity [product page] for example. Regular maintenance, basic lawn mowing techniques, and advanced features are key components to any quality cut with this model. All of these put together and your customers will have the best lawns in town.

Regular maintenance

Just like a car, the Stander I™ needs regular maintenance to increase longevity, and to improve the cut when mowing lawns. Commercial mower maintenance includes sharpening blades, oil changes, and other routine check-ups. If you don't keep up with its regular maintenance, the quality of your lawns could diminish.

Basic mowing techniques

When you are in the lawn maintenance business, having a quality cut is crucial. That's why you need to know the basics. While the mower is an important part of the grass's quality cut, knowing basic mowing techniques is just as important; such as adjusting deck height for uneven areas or mowing steep slopes diagonally.

Advanced Features

The Wright Stander I™ was made with lawn care in mind. With an Aero Core cutter deck, the Stander I™ has a refined cut unlike any other mower on the market. With large wheels and a low center gravity for stable hillside rides, the Stander I™ promises a beautiful cut for even the hardest to reach terrains.

Mowing lawns can be tricky. There are so many things to think about when you are in the lawn maintenance or lawn care industry — safety, weather, and the mower itself. But finding the best quality cut can be simple as long as you have the Stander Intensity by your side. With basic mowing knowledge and regular upkeep, you and the Stander I™ can mow mountains. For more information about the Stander Intensity™ or other Wright mowers, call 1-(301) 360-9810 or test drive one at your local dealer today Find a Dealer.

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