How to Edge a Flower Bed

A distinct edge in a flower bed can be a beautiful accent to your yard while also solving the problem of straying grass. The clean lines provide a finished look alongside regular lawn maintenance and they are usually quite simple to create. There are several types of ways to edge a flower bed depending on your aesthetic, flowers used and soil available. Follow these basic steps:

Trim Line
Trim Line

1. To create an edge, first decide if you would like it to be curved or straight. Mark desired lines with a brightly colored string or garden hose. 2. Use an edging shovel for a sharp line and make sure to press straight down rather than at an angle. 3. Once you've established the edge, refine with a spade until four to six inches in depth. A 90 degree angle is generally preferred. 4. Remove the leftover clumps by hand. 5. For more intense projects, use a power edger, which is an edger on the back of a string trimmer. If you would like extra flourishes to your lawn and garden area, consider artful additions to your edging:


For the most natural look and for a bit of privacy, use tall foliage around the edges as a boundary between grass and bed. Herbs like sage around the border will keep cats away from flowers.


Use rocks of many shapes and sizes to create the desired effect. Be innovative by making your own pattern. Rock edges are well-suited for sloping areas or rocky soil.


This is an inexpensive addition to edging beds. Bricks let off excess water from beds and are easy to set. It's important that you accurately measure the flower bed beforehand in order to align bricks correctly. For a solid foundation, shake a small amount of cement dust into the trench before placing each brick and after setting each brick in place.

Cast Concrete:

Concrete edging has raised platforms for water vents, however is slightly more difficult to construct on your own.


Wooden edging pieces have grooves in order to be linked together easily and give a natural feel to a distinguished boundary.

Get Creative:

Imaginative items such as bottles, pebbles, even seashells can be a unique way to clearly define the line between bed and lawn.

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