Repairing a Lawn After a Temporary Above Ground Pool

Temporary above ground pools are a great way to get outdoors and have some summer fun. However, they can cause significant damage to your lawn. Keep reading to learn more about how to care for a lawn with an above ground pool.


If you are thinking about putting up a small "kiddie" pool, follow these tips:

  • Never leave the pool up for longer than one day. A pool can smother a grass lawn, preventing it from receiving essential light and air.
  • Empty the pool every night onto the grass that was covered by the pool. That patch of the lawn needs extra care.
  • Set up the pool in a new spot the next day. This eases the burden on any one particular patch of lawn.


If it's too late for preventative measures, or you'd like to erect a more substantial above ground pool for the entire summer season, reseeding the lawn is your best option. The grass under the pool will die; there's really no way around it. Follow these steps for reseeding the lawn:

  • Reseed. Spread the grass seed by hand along flower beds and other borders in your lawn. This method provides more control than mechanical spreaders. Then use a handheld or walk-behind spreader for the rest of the dead patch. There's no need for special tools - you can use any spreader intended for fertilizer use.
  • Dirt layer. Spread a thin layer of dirt on top of the reseeded portion of the lawn. Gently work it into the lawn with the back of a rake, or the dull side of a hoe.
  • Water. Make sure the new grass receives plenty of water as it grows.

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