The Perfect Mower for Parks, Gardens and Outdoor Venues

If your lawn maintenance routine involves lawn and garden spaces like those found in parks, botanical gardens, wedding venues or other scenic destinations, the perfect mower for the job may differ from what you'd use on residential lawns. These types of spaces tend to have large lawns broken up with many obstacles like trees, planters, fountains, walls or playgrounds. The grass also tends to take a lot of foot traffic from the public or from large events, while also having to meet a high standard of appearance.

The mower for these kinds of jobs needs to be highly productive, maneuverable and able to deliver a high-quality, even cut. Two mowers that stand out with an excellent combination of these features are the Wright Stander ZK and Stander X. Wright's stand-on mowers have several traits that make them perfect for the job. They have a small footprint to fit in narrow areas and around obstacles, and as zero turn mowers they are highly maneuverable with a low center of gravity.

The Stander ZK is ideal for larger properties of ten acres or more, partly due to its cut speed of up to 12.5 mph. With such a cutting speed combined with the precision of Wright engineering, this mower can make large parks look great in less time than you might think. It's great for large lawns even if they are filled with obstacles and slopes due to the operator's position right between the wheels and the ability to quickly step off for safety or to remove objects.

The Stander X™ is shorter than the Stander ZK™, making it better suited for lawn and garden areas with a lot of obstacles, though it is also excellent for covering several acres of such grounds. Equipped with the innovative AERO CORE™ cutting deck, this mower can leave an exceptionally even and clean cut that is sure to please owners and visitors alike while leaving the grass healthy enough to withstand the traffic.

With the leading design of Wright's stand-on technology, these zero turn mowers combine the best of speed, maneuverability and cut quality needed for the unique job of lawn maintenance at parks, gardens and similar spaces. Even with the right information, a great way to really know which mower will fit your job best is to experience it for yourself: click here to book a demo today!

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