Why is the Wright ZK the Industry Standard?

The Stander ZK is the most extreme commercial stand on mower in the industry. Just now entering its second generation, the ZK is more productive, affordable, and durable than ever.

ZK Best
ZK Best

When stand on mowers entered the market about 20 years ago, we built them around the size of a large walk behind mower, and they eventually migrated to a hybrid size halfway between a hydro walk behind and mid mount Z.

When we originally developed the Wright Stander ZK, we set out to make a mower that was as big as a full sized rider but more fun and agile. We did not hold ourselves back by the typical limitations of cost. We jokingly called it the "Z killer" since it was as large as our mid mount Z rider.

The second generation Stander ZK™ brings these concepts to a new level. We have now refined this mower so that it has more productivity at a lower cost. You get more for your money with a Wright Stander® since you don't have to pay for expensive seats, long frames, roll bars, and higher shipping costs.

Here are a few features that make the Wright Stander ZK™ the industry standard:

  • Large displacement engines
  • High ground speed
  • Large 24" rear tires and high floatation 6  ½" wide flat-free casters
  • Deck sizes up to 72"
  • Fully independent left and right hydro systems with high torque planetary drive wheel motors
  • Easy-to-use deck lift
  • Fully isolated operator platform with elastomer damping springs
  • 17.5 gal fuel capacity
  • Much lighter than comparable mowers - around 1100 lbs
  • As a 72" it's shorter than it is long, meaning you can haul two on a twelve-foot trailer
  • Handle tight areas with less risk of property damage due to compact size
  • Incredibly low maintenance

Demo a Stander ZK™ at your local Dealer and know firsthand that it's the best stand-on mower for mid- and large- sized properties. As the original inventor of the stand on mower, Wright Manufacturing has all types and sizes for any mowing application. To learn more about the Stander ZK™, request a demo and watch our latest ZK video.

Ed Wright Director of Engineering

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