Where Can I Find Wright Mower Pricing?

If you're in the market for commercial mowers for your fleet, it can be frustrating when mower pricing isn't clear-cut and easily available. You're trying to grow your business and it may seem like purchasing commercial mowing equipment can sometimes stand in the way of that when you just want a good deal. So why is mower pricing so hard to find?

Mower Prices
Mower Prices

Like the automotive industry, commercial mowers are sold through independent dealers that price the mowers they sell depending on service level, efficiency, shipping costs, local economy, and available rebates. With bulk shipping and seasonal inventory between the factory and the dealer's showroom, any incentives must be handled after that inventory has arrived and is ready for sale. Also, as you probably experience in your landscaping business, our dealers are independent companies that handle many brands and services in order to be healthy. They need to set their own prices to be competitive within the market and thrive as a business.

Most mower manufacturers do not provide any list pricing, and as you shop for your next commercial mower it becomes challenging to make the best choice for your lawn company.

However, Wright Manufacturing wants to be a valuable resource to your business and has the Manufacturer's Suggested List Price (MSRP) on our site. We also offer a Seasonal discount off the suggested list price. One of the best times of the year to buy a mower is in the off season.

Your local dealer is the only one who can provide you a final quote based on what model, discount period, financing, or fleet offering is available at that time. Find your local Dealer .

As you browse our commercial mowing equipment, you will see that the prices between deck sizes and engines are consistent regardless of model. For example, the price difference between a 48" and a 52" Stander Intensity™ will be nearly the same as a Stander X™ when equipped with like engines. There are some exceptions where a larger deck size includes larger tires for wider frames, like a Stander ZK™ where the 52" model has 10  ½" wide tires and the 61" which has 24" wide tires. Engine and EFI options are consistent between product lines and are nearly proportional to our cost from the manufacturer.

Our percent markup is fairly consistent, giving you the best value we can on a new Wright mower and allowing each engine manufacturer to bring their best price to market.

Ed Wright Director of Engineering

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