Wright Stander ZK Mower

Best Wheeled Product at GIE 2014

Though it's a few months in the rearview, last year's GIE+EXPO was a great event for Wright Manufacturing. Our redesigned Stander ZK was the talk of the town, and we pulled out all the stops to make sure it got the attention it deserved. We even went so far as to suspend one Stander ZK several feet off the ground so that our guests could easily see the design changes we've implemented to the undercarriage and mowing deck.

We ended up walking away with the Dealer's Choice Award for Best New Wheeled Equipment Product. I want to remind you about this product, because we're preparing the largest Stander ZK™ yet, with a full 72" deck. With that much area and mowing power, you'll be able to handle lawns and other mowing projects of just about any size and difficulty. The Stander ZK™ measures up to Wright's reputation for quality and carries our complete two-year warranty. If you need some more convincing that the Stander ZK™ will be the best new addition to your lawn and garden arsenal, here are some specifics:

The redesigned Stander ZK™ has the largest fuel capacity of any previous Stander model. The low center of gravity and wide tracks offered on the Stander ZK™ will remind you how to mow a lawn safely and confidently, hills and all. Our wider tracks allow for flawless mowing jobs, even at steep grades. Even though this mower is wide, it's not very long, allowing the driver agile mobility, even in tight spaces. We've also improved turning radius, mulching performance, ease of step-on and step-off, anti-clumping measures, and cut uniformity.

There's a lot more to love about the Stander ZK™. While some lawn care companies want to wait for the new 72" deck, others will be more than satisfied with our current 52" and 61" models. But, by the time you read this post, we may have already introduced our new larger deck size. So if you are interested in any version of the Stander ZK™, you can get a closer look at a Dealer near you . We would also be more than happy to speak to you over the phone at our company headquarters, about any of our products. We know you'll love Wright mowing products, so let us bring your lawn care company the "Wright" level of quality and reliability today.

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