Father and Son, Both in the Lawn Industry, Talk Wright

I was talking to my son yesterday and his exact comments were, ā€œGuys that are using sit-down ZTRs are missing the boat.ā€ And he hopes that none of his competitors ever figure it out! In two and a half years he has become the largest landscaper on the island with over 225 properties and growing. Included in his property list are four HOA properties. He says he can still maintain his weekly and bi-weekly properties with one crew of two men and sometimes three men mainly because of the speed and efficiency of the Wright mowers. Currently he has three Wright units, two 32" Small Stander and a 52" Stander X. He will be adding the 2nd 52? Stander X next week as he prepares to expand by having two ā€“ two man crews. He mentioned that he rarely uses his walk-behind mowers because he can easily take care of 95% of the mowing using the Wright units. Not the best testimonial for our Ybravo but it is what it is. Matt indicated that his Wright units will go almost anywhere his walk mowers can go. He has several properties that have strips of grass that he can only cut with walk mowers because of barriers that prohibit from getting to the area.

MD Lawn Care
MD Lawn Care

Matt mentioned how the Wright Stand-on units really set the fast pace of his crew. He feels using a sit-down ZTR would create a slow relaxed, attitude which he wants no part of. He also states that he is able to get all of his needed equipment on a single axle 14 ft. trailer which reduces his cost of trailers substantially. Two Wrights, one 25 Ybravo, two RedMax backpack blowers, three RedMax trimmers, one RedMax Hedge trimmer, one RedMax edger, and an assortment of other miscellaneous items will easily fit on the trailer. Using the Wright mowers also speeds up his loading and unloading by several minutes each day. Thirty properties equals 60 times the mowers are driven either on or off the trailer each day.

The vision line of site is another key reason that he likes the Wright units. He says it is very easy for him or his guys to break sprinkler heads or other costly items if they hit them and he doesn't think his guys would notice as many of these obstacles if they were sitting down on a ZTR. Nothing slows down progress like having to go to the hardware store to get supplies to fix something they broke. He says he knows this firsthand.

Another area where the Wright excels is the speed that you can jump on and off to grab debris or other items that get in your way.

The last item that he mentioned was the reliability of the product and that the only items he has replaced so far are gauge wheels, rubber chutes, and one choke cable in over two years.

Matt's story is a great example of a successful landscaper whose experience with our mowers encompasses our motto of E2B4 ! He is a fan of our products because they are reliable and efficient, thus more profitable. The mowers that we build are helping him to build his team, build his company, and build all their lives!

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