Customer Spotlight

Superior One Lawn Care - Maryland

Last month, Wright heard from one of our valued customers in Maryland, Mike Strange. His lawn care business, Superior One Lawn Care, has used a Wright mower for six years and has been impressed by its consistency, drivability and quality.

Superior One Lawn
Superior One Lawn

Mike says he enjoys the riding mowers' ease of maintenance, something that can save businesses valuable time, which can turn into dollars "Also, it can fit on the trailer nicely," Mike says, "so I can fit other mowers on there. It's a very nice cut, and I'm definitely going to get another one."

Currently, Mike owns a Wright Stander® mower, a smaller mower whose design enables efficient lawn care, and outstanding control. Overall, as owner of Superior One Lawn Care, Mike has been impressed with the longevity, dependability, and industriousness of Wright mowers. "I've been seriously pleased," Mike says. "This mower has outstanding quality. I've mowed a ton of lawns in the last six years. It's been my number one mower: it's my workhorse." So, whether you're looking for a workhorse or a compact mower that's easy to maintain and operate, take it from Mike, and look no further than your nearest Wright Dealership. Click here to locate your nearest dealer for more information or to demo a Wright mower.

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