How to Get More Value for Every Gallon of Fuel

We all know fuel isn’t cheap; it’s hitting all our wallets hard. But for businesses that use lawn mowers every day, fuel is a major factor in every day cost. So how can we conserve it? Here are some easy and efficient ways of getting more value for every gallon of gas.

Save Fuel
Save Fuel

1. Check your tire pressure.

It's often overlooked, but having the right tire pressure can save you fuel in the gas tank. All mowers are different, so check the manual before you pump the tires full of air. If the tires have too much air, it can cause the mower to have less traction, thus making the mower drive slower. For example, for a Wright Stander®, you will need to keep the drive tires between 18-22 psi to help you with this problem. Wright only offers flat-free tires, saving you from the stress of constantly worrying about your wheels.

2. Accelerate with care.

Stay alert and drive carefully on the mowers. Starting and stopping abruptly wastes gas so take your time.

3. Map out a plan.

It isn't just the fuel on the mowers you're worries about; it's the truck carrying them from one assignment to another. Make a map of all the mowing assignments that are close together and tackle the job in clusters. This way, you can complete assignments that are closer together, which means less driving. Smart planning means less fuel cost.

4. Stick with the maps.

Don't just map out your route; map out each lawn assignment ahead of time. This gives you time to prepare to mow it the most efficient and cost-friendly way possible.

5. Make sure to use Wright mower.

Each mower is different. That's why it's important to make sure you're using the right mower for each unique landscape. If you're using a Sport X™ mower on 10 acres of open land when you should be using a Stander ZK™, you could be wasting tons of fuel. Make sure you know what mower is best for what landscape, and you'll be saving money left and right.

6. Beware of extra costs

A landscaper's number one cost is labor, so be careful not to spend all the extra money you've spent so much time saving on fuel costs for extra labor costs if you don't need it. Saving fuel costs isn't always easy to do, especially in this economy. However, as long as you have these cost-friendly tricks in mind and you'll have beautiful yard and a beautiful bank account in no time.

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