How to Calculate the True Cost of Equipment Failure

Landscape companies thrive on great quality service, but having your equipment break down can be a hassle. Not only do you have to worry about the cost of the parts and repairs, but also the other costs your business could see in other ways. By knowing what you are up against, you can better prepare yourself for the costs and be better suited for running the successful business you always wanted.

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Bad quality means constant repairs

Usually, repairing broken-down equipment is not an easy fix, especially if you purchase a non-quality item. You could potentially spend countless amounts of money for repairs on equipment that could ultimately break down on you again. Even something as simple as a flat caster wheel or a broken wheel can cost you a day's productivity. Wright provides quality commercial mowers with great warranties so spending time and money on repairs won't be a problem for your company.

Equipment failure could cost you employees

It's a sad truth, but it pays a high toll on your employees if the equipment fails on the job. You can lose hard workers out of frustration or anger if they are constantly unable to complete their duties on the job. The same goes with customers; towing away a broken piece of equipment off an incomplete job can leave a poor impression. You could take a huge financial hit if your customers find business elsewhere. By keeping up with routine maintenance (such as oil changes, tires, belts and idlers) on all your equipment, you can reduce the chances of failure, leaving your customers happy and the lawns healthy.

Time is money

You can waste valuable time waiting on repairs and breakdown of equipment. Landscapers work on a very tight margin, especially during heavy parts of the year (spring), so most companies cannot afford to have their crew unoccupied for half of the day due to broken down equipment.

The stress factor

This might be simple, but it is often overlooked when you consider what constant equipment failure can cost you and your business. The stress of mowers breaking down and the costs necessary to repair them can take a serious toll on you and your employees' health and well-being. If you and your workers are not at 100%, it reflects on the job, potentially costing you not only business, but also your health. The cost of equipment failure is not simply measured in dollar signs, but also in time, stress, and other factors that could cost a business. Wright's mowers are made with lawn care specialists in mind. They understand the risks of a business and what you need the most in a commercial mower. Consider these factors when you purchase your next lawnmower [dealer locator] and you'll have a successful and stress-free business in no time.

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