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Velke Gear Drive Walk-Behind

Lawn mowing companies come in all shapes and sizes, which is why Wright understands that not all companies need large mowers. Sometimes they need a smaller lawn mower that is just as durable as a large one. The Velke Gear Drive™ Walk-Behind mower is a great option for more compact situations. Wright has developed a mower that is versatile in a variety of mowing situations, but also leaves behind a quality ¬†cut. Here is a look at some of the great features this walk-behind has:

  1. Three deck sizes (32'', 36'' and 42'')
  2. Five-speed Peerless™ transmission (with reverse)
  3. Compact and simple design
  4. 15 HP engine
  5. Twin power belts to improve drive performance
  6. Superior cut
  7. Designed specifically for Velke Sulky accessory

One of the greatest things about this walk-behind mower is the versatility with which you can use it. Not only is it compact and simple, but it's compatible with the Velke Sulky, making it easy to transition to a ride-behind. This can often come in handy for larger jobs or tired feet. And when you're done for the day, this compact mower can easily fit on the bed of your trailer until the next day's work.

There are all kinds of mowers out there with a bunch of different features. The challenge is to find the right one for your lawn care company. This heavy-duty machine is a great alternative for the mowers of a larger scale. The Velke Gear Drive™¬†allows you the simplicity of a walk-behind, but the option of a stander. With a five-speed transmission, 15 HP engine and a twin power belts, this walk-behind can stand up to any challenge while on the job.

Whether your lawn care company is big or small, Wright has a durable and affordable piece of equipment that's right for you. Their mowers last for years and cut grass to your high standards. Want more information about Wright mowers or interested in seeing a demonstration? Book an appointment with your local Wright mower dealer for more information .

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