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Velke Sulky

In addition to the wide variety of mowers available for consumers, Wright also offers several attachment accessories. The Velke Sulky is very popular with landscape professionals. It allows for an existing midsize walk-behind mower to be utilized as a standing mower. The sulky is a riding platform which attaches to the rear frame of the mower. And Wright's Velke Sulky fits behind almost all professional walk-behind mowers regardless of brand.

Wright was the first mowing company to manufacture the riding sulky for a midsize walk-behind mower. Wright engineer Jim Velke invented the initial one-wheel sulky. Other generations of sulkies have since been developed, but the one-wheel version type is still widely used.

One significance of a sulky is that operators of professional walk-behind mowers are able to consistently mow at full speed without fatigue. The Velke Sulky also provides the rider with comfort and safety. Its patented design gives operators close proximity to mower controls while maintaining a safe distance from obstacles on zero-turns.

As with all Wright products, the Velke Sulky is built to last. Constructed of strong welded steel, the Velke Sulky can stand up to years of everyday use.

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